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Gone out the window

Flashback to Mr. Paik's office, to which Jin has been summoned. He looks so much younger in a suit, with his hair washed and combed. "We have a problem," Sun Daddy tells him, sliding a folder across his desk to Jin, who opens it. Inside is a picture of Jae -- just Jae, fully clothed, and not currently lying naked next to Sun. "This man has been stealing from me," says Mr. Paik. "I need you to put an end to it." Jin asks what he's been stealing, but Mr. Paik says it isn't important. Jin says he'll deliver a message, and Sun Daddy is all, "I want a message delivered, I'll call FedEx. I need you to put an END to it!" And Jin finally understands that this particular message is to be delivered with terminal velocity. And he says he can't do it. Can too! counters Sun Daddy. Jin tries to protest that this isn't his job. "Your job is what I say it is!" snaps Sun Daddy, so Jin figures he'll quit. Like that'll work. Mr. Paik tells him he doesn't get to quit. He slams the table and yells about Jae shaming him. And guess what, Jin? When you married his daughter, his shame became your shame. "I need you to restore our family's honour." Jin thinks about it for a long moment before taking the folder and bowing. You know, very few people like every aspect of their jobs, Jin. For me, it's when the person who sits next to me microwaves up some popcorn. For you, it's occasionally having to beat or kill people. Don't like it? That's what Monster.com is for.

Back on the Elizabeth, Jin is angrily chopping fish for dinner when Sun calls down, in Korean, and we don't get a translation. Jin makes his way above-decks, where Sun and Sayid are looking ashore. Jin takes the binoculars, and sees the dock we first saw in last season's finale. "Why should there be a dock all the way out here?" asks Sun. "Others!" says Jin, but Sayid says the dock is overgrown and decaying and clearly hasn't been used in some time. The first time watching it, I couldn't believe how badly Sayid was mistaken. But now we know better, don't we? He crisply says that they'll dock and start a fire on the beach there, which has excellent visibility. "Safe?" asks Jin, and Sayid says, "Yes, Jin. Of course it's safe." Again, watching this the first time, I couldn't believe how patronizing Sayid was being. He played us all! Sun's less than convinced, however. And hey, turns out Jin wasn't really fooled either, right?

Meanwhile, Kate's breaking rocks, and with the way she's hanging out of her dress, she might as well have just taken it off. Sawyer takes a break from his rock-wheelbarrowing to admire Kate's ass, and his lollygagging quickly arouses Danny's ire, and the best character ever tells Sawyer to get back to work. Sawyer shows how tough he is by taking as long as he possibly can before actually doing so.

You know, the Others are awfully trusting of their prisoners, given that Kate seems to be working far enough away that it really wouldn't be anything for her to sneak off. It's certainly remote enough for Rousseau's daughter Alex to be skulking about and getting Kate's attention by throwing pebbles without anyone else seeing her. "Don't let them see you talking to me," she whispers, which probably falls into the category of Things Kate Knows Without Needing a Teenager to Tell Her. Alex asks if Kate's being held in the cage, and upon hearing that she is, asks Kate if there's a guy named Carl being held there too. (I think she means "Chachi.") Kate says no, since she was brought there after Carl was taken away. Alex is rather unhappy with Kate's answer, saying they weren't even supposed to be held there. Kate asks who she is, but Alex ignores that to ask her where she got the dress. Old Navy, Alex. Stupid. Kate says they gave it to her, and Alex says, not angrily, that it's hers. "You keep it. It looks better on you anyway," and she scoots off, like even as a sweaty, dirty chain-gang labourer, Kate manages to make other women feel bad about their bodies.

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