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The Godmother

Nancy leaves a Post-It on a sleeping Silas's forehead, telling him they need to talk.

Across town, we see the hospital's sent Vaneeta home even though she's clearly having contractions. While she stews in the living room, Conrad pitches Heylia his idea about branching into growing their own weed. He says it's their only way to stay competitive, with the grow houses now selling directly to the pot clubs. Heylia doesn't want to hear it, as this is more of the same "too much too fast" crap she's been ragging on Nancy for. Conrad presses, but Heylia's heard enough. "You work for me," she bottom-lines. Nancy walks in as Vaneeta has another contraction. Heylia says it looks like this one's gonna be a long haul, and Vaneeta yells "Fuck you!" back at her. Nancy admires Conrad's plant, but he's now allowed to speak to her. Nancy asks what's going on, and Heylia explains about the Rent-A-Cop beating and her punishment for him because of it. Nancy had no idea Conrad did that. Heylia: "Who you think done it, the Fuck-You-Up Fairy?" Rather than say that she has a whole line of brown-skinned admirers lined up and waiting to commit violence on her behalf, Nancy stammers that she never would have told Conrad to do that. Heylia says that won't be a problem, seeing as if she wants to continue to do business here, it will be with her and Vaneeta. Nancy says Heylia can't tell her who to talk to, but when she appeals to Conrad, he just gets up and walks out, silently. Nancy tells Heylia it's not a fair choice she's being given; Conrad's her friend. Heylia doesn't care. She says Nancy can play ball or walk, and Nancy walks. Heylia calls after her, asking if she's sure about that. "Maybe," says Nancy. Then Vaneeta's water breaks, and Heylia's all "On my chair?! What the fuck?!" Vaneeta cries for her "Mommy!!" So that answers that question, once and for all.

At the fakery, Peter's waiting to meet Nancy and getting grilled by Sanjay in the interim. Sanjay would like to know Peter's intentions towards Nancy. Peter, at the moment, is intending to share coffee with Nancy. And a muffin, too, if Sanjay would direct his penetrating stare to the banana nut section of the display case. "She's a remarkable woman," says Sanjay, leaning in. "Strong, yet feminine. Brave and bold, with beautiful skin." I think that's now being included on the Hillary Clinton campaign literature. Nancy finally shows up and pulls Sanjay off guard dog duty (well, guard pup, really). She tells Peter that she can't have coffee with him today because she has to attend to a problem with Silas, and maybe her life right now is just too complicated to accommodate Peter and his persistent courtship. Peter's not going to be deterred, however, and gives her his address, saying he'll be alone all weekend. Nancy says she's not making any promises. Sanjay emerges from the kitchen carrying Peter's muffin in a bag...which he deliberately squishes. "Muffin?" he snots. "To go?"

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