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The CEO, former defendant and now star witness for the prosecution, loves boats as much as Veronica Loy. So much so that he got a yacht as a kickback for the whole scheme. You know how we already knew that he was the perpetrator of the entire scam? Because of how we heard him say that? Yeah, well, it was him. Surprise!

Bucky: "You bitches. Now we're even, from that time I made Captain Hellinger seem like a slut for getting raped."
Breslow: "All I care about is how DOMA is never going away, because I am the only person who could have accomplished that and I'll never have the chance again. It's so rare that upper-class white men get litigious about things and/or have the privilege of tossing hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars into throwing a Federal-level tantrum."


Here's the thing. You're reading this, so probably you already know it, but one thing that is very hard to explain is why this kind of thing gets on my nerves. We are not conditioned to question things that feel good. So if you are a straight person, for example, who does not actively hate gay people, that feels good. You are not one of the bad guys, you are one of the good guys. Or, to look at another form of privilege (without necessarily equating them), if you're not a racist -- if you've given yourself the admissions test to Not Being A Racist and passed -- then pretty much whatever you do is okay. If you do not harbor malice in your heart, it is true that you are doing pretty good.

But empires do not continue based on malice, they are built on and subside on privilege. The overlooked ways in which we all contribute to keeping the status quo in place. The Human Centipede that has us fat Americans at the front of it and everybody else on Earth supplying the blood and misery that keeps our lives fun and frisky and full of iPads. Institutionalized racism is baked into the cake, misogyny and sexism are baked into the cake. And anybody who tells you that things are fair, that we have Obama now in the post-racial era, that the Paul Ryan budget gives everybody a fair shot at bootstrapping themselves or whatever it is, they're benefiting. Which is why it looks fair to them. Because they're not bad people -- they're not lynching black guys or bashing fags, they're not physically abusing women -- so when you question their privilege, what they hear is you accusing them of something they are not actually guilty of.

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