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These are the things that keep empires in place: Not the bad guys, but the good guys. The decent folks who are so convinced of their unerring ethical upper hand that they get to overlook the million ways they are still working, passively or actively, to keep themselves on top. You are never going to find the Bond villain that is keeping people in poverty, that is keeping the glass ceiling over our heads. You can try, you can go after Madoff or Bain Capital or whoever the monster is this week, but you'll never actually find the supervillain pulling the strings. Because he's in the mirror, and he's looking right back at you.

And nobody wants to hear that, because it sounds like you're being called an asshole -- that you should be ashamed, not simply aware -- which is what keeps the empire in place: you shut your ears and go lalala, because you don't want to be confronted with your privilege. (In fact, a lot of you reading this will either gloss over this part, as a rant, or detect a mean and hateful tone, when neither of those things are accurate.) There is a finite and precious amount of victimhood to go around, and nobody is going to take away your share -- the War on Christmas, the persecution of Christians, the evils of Affirmative Action, all that blind and self-serving bullshit just to get in on the complaint conversation; that weird, mean-eyed moronic jealousy of minorities and "entitlements" and whatever they're bitching about now -- because that would mean you're a bad person.

But you're not a bad person. You are not an asshole. Chances are you're pretty great. Shit like this drives me insane because they have us trained to always have somebody to blame, to always find the bad guy in every situation, to join Team Aniston or Team Jolie, to join Team Riri or Team Breezy, that everything is even and there's always one person to love and one person to hate, one person to identify with and one person to demonize, and that whole thing is childish and stupid. It keeps you in the mindset of being owed, of being a victim, of being powerless, when none of those things are true. It works against you.

You, working overtime to make sure somebody else is the bad guy, so nobody can ever call you the bad guy. How about for one day you stop trying to identify the bad guy, and operate on the assumption that there's no such thing? Just one day without a single finger pointed. Could change your life.


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