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A Defense Of Marriage

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Continental Breakfast Is Not Real Breakfast

Everybody's drinking, Veronica is nit-picking some more, still drunkenly yelling about how whether or not she lied or Owen lied, the principle of the thing is that she deserved the money.

Alicia: "I'm fine. I didn't say anything."
Veronica: "You don't have to say anything, with that look of yours."
Everybody Ever On This Show: "I know, right?"

Jackie shows up with some kind of Cuban alcohol and Fabulous Cristian, who tells her she can't drink any wine and she's only allowed to take one pill, etc. Alicia, at home, and Diane, at work, both crack up at Breslow's ongoing bullshit on TV:

"...Not every case is built for the Supreme Court. Sometimes you just have to win it. And that's what I decided here. We discussed the possibility of a test case, but in the final analysis Mr. Lamborne's freedom was key..."

Oh, this was amazing. In the kitchen:

Jackie: "I'm so glad you decided to visit! Zach and Grace were wondering about their other grandmother..."
Veronica: "I heard you nearly died."
Jackie: "A stroke. From helping out with the kids, by myself..."
Veronica: "Well, at least you got a young companion out of it. How much does he charge?"
Jackie: "$40 an hour. You should consider it. You won't have to go begging for male attention."
Veronica: "Yeah, paying for it seems to run in your family."

Damn, ladies. No quarter, huh? It was just both barrels, the entire time. And the only possible scenario in which I wouldn't hate Jackie Florrick, so, well done in many ways.

Peter takes the opportunity to menace Cristian, as the storm rises; turns out Jackie's extended his hours because she enjoys his company. For what it's worth, Cristian mostly seems to enjoy making Peter uncomfortable, although you can tell he thinks Jackie's a hoot. I would not put the likelihood too high of anything hinky going on, because it is better and funnier if Peter just slowly goes insane agonizing over the ludicrous prospect.

Veronica: "So Peter, he's over a lot? And you go over to his house, too?"
Alicia: "Yeah, he's my husband. So."
Veronica: "Is this because of me?"
Alicia: "Oh, for Christ's sake. Fuck you, you old bat."
Veronica: "I mean, is it because you can't let go of anything, ever? You can't leave Peter because that's how you've always been? Like, you wouldn't go after Will for example, because that would make you like me? A whore?"

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