The Good Wife
A Defense Of Marriage

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Continental Breakfast Is Not Real Breakfast

Veronica Loy knows how to do it.

Veronica: "She's never gonna divorce you, you know."
Peter: "Um, hello, Veronica. Nice to see you too! That is how a human would say hello."
Veronica: "She is a good person, and you are exploiting that. Exploiting her."
Peter: "Uh, by not leaving her? By trying to make it work?"
Veronica: "Yeah. That's just life support. DNR that bitch. You're selfish for leading her on."
Peter: "I liked it better when you were all about vaginas. Do you care to tell me anything about vaginas right now instead? ...No. Okay, hey Alicia? Can I help you with something? Anything?"

She drags him back, back into the bedroom, back into the master bath. His mother has a Cuban boyfriend; her mother stabbed her with a knife made of ice. So when she takes off her clothes, there in that room, and when he asks her if he's sure, and when she says she doesn't give a fuck -- actually says those exact words, this time, with a callback to the honking gag -- and when she pushes him down and climbs aboard, and they begin to fuck, he asks the question that should never be asked, in this one, incredibly rare situation where it's actually okay.

Peter: "...This is about your mother?"
Alicia: "Yeah."

It's nothing, this one time, to be ashamed of: Just aware.


Hopefully this is the beginning of Alicia informing people explicitly that she no longer gives a fuck. Because I can see that clearing up a lot of conversational deadwood and unnecessary complications, if more people in Alicia's orbit were just hip to this one thing. Alicia jumps counties in order to get somebody convicted for the crime of which Will's client is accused, which sounds like it could go really wrong. Oh! And Hamish Linklater! As a Justice Department person. I hope he's adorable! Just kidding, he is always adorable.

Nick Savarese gets in trouble with Kalinda, which I'm so sure. What would that even look like? What, they have the same conversation for the millionth time about how she doesn't want him to be her boyfriend and he's like, "But I am though" and she just kinda lets it slide again? And Nick proceeds to eat everything in the refrigerator in a mean scary way, and it takes like twenty minutes, and they're both like, "Why is there Activia in here? Who would have bought that?" and it's super riveting and when he's done, he moves a full three millimeters closer to the door and out of this fucking show forever.

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