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A Defense Of Marriage

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A wiretap from March involves another executive talking to his wife about nothing in particular, which Bucky asserts doesn't come under spousal privilege because this whole thing is a vast conspiracy, but Judge Neuwirth decides that he hasn't yet proven that, and they break. The CFO complains that the CEO is trying to scapegoat him, and from the fact that he looks like the finely aged corpse of the Cigarette Smoking Man you know that is the case. An hour from now, that will still be the case, and we'll have gotten so off-track that it will barely matter, but yeah.

Alicia: "So you're guest-starring on my show a lot, huh? I don't love it."
Bucky: "Why, just because I treated rape like a funny joke? Trust me, this show is set to revel once again in that kind of privilege quite soon, with twice the relish. Anyway, I'm going to win this one too, and you won't. Because you are a loser."

Alicia: "God, that guy. Hi, Owen. What's up?"
Owen: "What's up is, you were amazing!"
Alicia: "I literally just sat there, bro. Even the things I said, I was saying at the same time as Diane. God, I really hope a blustering entitled white guy joins our defense team, or else Diane and I are going to turn on each other."
Owen: "First of all, take the compliment, and second of all our horrible mother is coming into town for the first time in two years. And from what I understand -- which is dubious -- I think she's got a new boyfriend. Henry, an oil man from Alaska. Maybe getting a divorce or something."
Alicia: "Perfect, I'll send her to David Lee and he'll eat her alive."


The face! They got the face! But since it's Cary, he ended up with an adorable shiner that makes him look like a cute little puppy, like from Little Rascals or something.

Nick: "What an adorable shiner!"
Cary: "Yeah, I got it playing basketball with other tiny folks. Certainly not from the beatdown you made sure I knew was a present from you."
Nick: "If only you knew about my marriage, you'd understand that what I was saying was, I love you."
Cary: "Anyway, that suit you are insisting on bringing against that other company for being just as corrupt as you? I think it might hit a snag. See, I used to work for the SA... Oh, did you know that? Or what those are?"

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