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Will hates him because he's essentially PT Barnum, Diane loves him because she always loves these kind of "liberal lion" figurehead bullshit people, and just as they're arguing out whether or not to take his free offer of co-counsel, we learn that Bucky has just dropped the charges against the CEO (thanks to the wiretap thing, since the CEO is a person and his marriage is a marriage), which means now the CEO can turn and testify directly against our gay dude.


You're thinking, the person who birthed Alicia and Owen, two geniuses with political righteousness oozing from every orifice? Played by Stockard Channing, most indelible former FLOTUS in all filmed entertainment, gifted rhetoricist? There are worse things they could do, you're thinking. But you're wrong. Because -- exactly like Ricci a few weeks ago -- this Veronica Loy woman as written plays to exactly zero of Channing's strengths. She's a flake, fairly deluded, ethically so-so, self-obsessed, and is like obsessed with the word vagina. Which if you made a list of things that would get on Alicia's nerves (and mine), that is a pretty comprehensive list. It covers all the bases.

I think about this all the time: How crazy would it be if your name was Stockard Channing? That would be so crazy. I would have to doublecheck every morning to make sure it wasn't just a dream I had. "I dreamed I was named -- get this, you guys..."

So while it's true that Alicia's mother is an unexpected twist, which speaks highly of the show and opens up Alicia's character in whole new ways, she also does things like bring a giant stuffed giraffe for Grace, which is the kind of shit that a spaced-out flaky mom on a CBS show would just naturally do. One thing this show was always pretty good at, before this season, was making sure every character in a scene was a real person. Even contradictory, mythological Kalinda is basically a person; the whole dynamic of the show originated with "The reason shit is complicated for Alicia is that Peter is not the devil."

But this season, increasingly, we're seeing people who are not real, merely used as sounding boards for our characters: I am so sure, Nick Savarese. I am so sure that Nick Savarese is a real person with parents, and hangovers, and a love of chess pie, and that he plays Angry Birds when he's bored, rather than finishing up his menacing Perrier and then simply absorbing himself, witchlike, into the shadows.

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