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Already Gone
Everybody: "Ugh. I mean, yeah, but way to be a dick."
Judge: "Strike that from the record, and give me an hour to rule on the enforceability of the contract. Which by the way, is what this case is still about."


Cary: "So about this managing partnership, your thoughts?"
Alicia: "It's not a sure thing. And I have no idea if I would do that."
Cary: "Wrong answer. You're considering it? Without telling us?"
Alicia: "I mean like it just happened. I am under a huge deadline with this Tara thing."
Cary: "You are the Diane of this conversation. Do you not get that?"
Alicia: "You're getting it backwards. I'm not considering screwing you over on my way to something else, I'm reconsidering screwing them over, on my way to you."

"Alicia. Staying is a mistake. You'll always be under Will. You finally have a chance to get out from under him? Take it. You think this partnership isn't under him, but it is. Why do you think he's offering it to you? He wants someone he can influence. Someone he knows."

He doesn't even know how the emergent structure in his language is helping him, because not even Alicia fully knows that Florrick Agos is about getting away from Will. Getting enough silence to consider her marriage and her family, in his absence. In the absence of his hot noise, his white hiss. He's like Matthew Ashbaugh's music: Cutting through the noise, so nobody can hear her thoughts.


Judge: "Okay, I gave it a half-hour and I've decided that women are people, and Tara has a body, and we can't contract around that. A provision empowering the Isenstadts to compel an abortion was always an affront to public policy."
Lawyer: "Fine, then we would like to bring up numerous other breaches of contract that have nothing to do with that one..."
L/G: "So you're just straight up extorting her now? Nice."

Tara: "Wait, they lost? But so then what is this about now?"
David Lee: "Scorching the earth and poisoning the wells."


A hottie in a motorcycle helmet appears at the door: Apparently he told Grace he'd swing by after dinner." Alicia gives him the once over and then -- awesomely -- invites him in for a beer. He's impressed, and immediately grateful, and she twists on a dime: "Are you fucking kidding me? She's 16 years old, I'm not gonna give you a beer and wait around for her to show up to get molested by you. Go to hell. Goodbye."

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