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It's awesome. Coincidentally, because she can't do anything right this week, it's also the opposite of the right call, for reasons we'll discover shortly. But for now, all those Mama Bear feelings -- for Tara and Grace, for Cary Agos and Diane Lockhart -- have pushed her right over the brink, and that is beautiful.


Robyn: "Why doesn't David Lee trust you?"
Kalinda: "He thinks I'm doing what you're doing. Deserting."
Robyn: "Ah. Well, weird. Okay, can you help me prove Dr. Tufts has a DUI?"
Kalinda: "Yep. But I won't. Because you are the traitor. You're leaving."
Robyn: "You would help Alicia..."
Kalinda: "First of all, keep her name out of your mouth. Second of all, don't ever fucking ask me about that. And third of all, what is even the relevance?"
Robyn: "She's leaving you too?"

You can hear her heart stop.

Kalinda: "...She didn't say anything."
Robyn: "It's a secret!"
Kalinda: "Okay, um. Check with the clinic's medical rep. They know all the problems of the doctors."
Robyn: "Robyn Burdine! Thanks. But what changed?"
Kalinda: "Literally everything."

The camera pulls back, back on her, alone at the table, surrounded by glass.


Peter: "Fine, Marilyn. Whom would you deem appropriate for the Water board?"
Marilyn: "The incumbent."
Peter: "He is a fucking idiot."
Marilyn: "I can't speak to that! But continuity, and no conflict... It's my job to prize those things."
Peter: "But what about who's best at the job? You're saying you'd hire someone second-rate just because they're possibly more ethical?"
Marilyn: "Conflict of interest is a matter of law, second-rateness a matter of opinion."

He gives her this flirty thing about Hemingway vs. Dan Brown, and how you can't choose Brown over Hemingway, and she thanks him for at least honestly listening to her, and it's a sexual abomination hanging over them like a cloud, waiting to pounce.

And not only because she is wearing her blazer over her shoulders like she was just rescued off an iceberg throughout the entire conversation. I don't have the strong feelings about Melissa George that some people do, but that almost made me hate Marilyn. Put your goddamn arms in your goddamn sleeves. Talking down to me about ethics while wearing your clothes like you don't know what clothes are? Fuck off, Marilyn Garbanza.

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