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So I don't even want to dignify, but suffice to say that the Isenstadt lawyer has decided to drum up some fake story about Tara engaging in a M/M/F threesome with some dude and a guy they picked up in a bar. The creepy insinuation being that a DP is at least as damaging as a bad amnio, because it's deranged and the very essence of whoredom. Fuck one guy you're gross but in the safe zone, fuck two and you earn yourself a birth defect. Unfortunately, although it's clearly a lie, the judge buys it.

Outside, Peter -- flocked with bodyguards -- surprises Alicia with a hello, a sweet gesture (that is secretly all about his Marilyn boner) into which David Lee drops like a cannonball, climbing right up the Governor-Elect's ass just in time to hear Peter forcing the issue: He's booked a room in Hawaii for the vow renewal. A sign of desperation in any case, but in this particular case a desperation so pronounced that if Alicia knew even one aspect of the backstory here she'd drive her car into and over him.

Plus the fact that, more and more, it seems she has no intention of doing it. Or of postponing it forever, the same way we're never sure when Florrick Agos is going to happen. She's never been hesitant in particularly this way, although we know it's a huge part of who she is -- she's so deliberate she barely ever speaks, and this is the downside of that precision -- but now that everybody is demanding her now, now, now, it's starting to look almost pathological.

While that recess was going on, Kathy was (or was not) approached by Tara and asked for $100 grand to abort. Is that blackmail, or is it slander? Either way, the threesome thing clearly scared the shit out of her.

Alicia: "You've ruled my client has the right to decide on this abortion. There's nothing illegal about monetizing that right. I'm not saying this happened, I'm just saying it's no different from the Isenstadts using money against her the opposite way, which everybody seemed fine with."
Judge: "So it's either blackmail or a settlement offer, depending on whether Tara is a human being. Well, can I just say that I was wrong when I thought I hated this case as much as possible?"

To be honest, it seems equitable to me. Not just because they already went there, but because their entire mission always had to be leveraging her various opinions and needs against themselves, and she's just told them precisely how to do that. In fact, I'm shocked that the plaintiff would have a problem with it, considering how far into the ethical red they're willing to go for the same outcome. Maybe it really is just about scorched earth now.

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