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Grace: "Nice job fucking up my relationship with Cam, the motorcycle helmet guy. Little protip for ya, though, he's my pastor. He's the head of Campus Faith, he was here to pick up some reading plans I volunteered to make because that's how I am."
Alicia: "He looked like sex on a stick, Grace. My bad. But can we talk about that website, please?"
Grace: "Zach sold me out!"
Alicia: "I asked him to explain what's going on with you. And I know you're not entirely after that whole ... thing ... but did you know guys are?"
Grace: "So? Why is my behavior contingent on how gross other people might be?"
Alicia: "You're borrowing my clothes, you're dressing weird..."
Grace: "You're my mom. I'm too old to care when you tell me I'm pretty. It's time for other people to tell me I'm pretty. You have got to understand this."
Alicia: "I don't not understand that, but I am sometimes confused and frightened by the modern world -- and other times, I am right about everything. It's a dilemma that can't be solved based purely on rationality, and I'm afraid my instincts are very off right now, so I have to fall back on precedent, even if it makes me sound like an old bitch. On the other hand, you should have seen how awesome I was going off on him. Oh, want a beer? Psych, motherfucker! It was fantastic."


Tara: "I did not actually ask them for that money to get the abortion. I mean, I mentioned that specific amount in conversation off the record with them, but..."
(Robyn, whispering: "Dr. Tuft's DUI was a no-go, but I did find something else out...")
Judge: "Well, we're into the third trimester so none of this means anything so we're done."

But we're not done. This scene and the next one, man they are icky together.

Kathy: "You're selfish, Tara. If you were adopting him that would be one thing, but you're just fucking us over and then walking away."

Will: "You're selfish, Diane. You're fucking us over and then walking away."

Tara: "Kathy, after the first sonogram you said, Do everything you can to protect my baby. That's this."
Kathy: "You're not protecting, you're owning. For no reason."

Diane: "This isn't about money, it's about me breaking your heart. I put my entire life into this place, and now I've got you ghouls shoving me out the door..."

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