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Already Gone

Reporter: "So the most ethical Illinois Governor in history, you say? Pretty high bar, considering they all go to jail."
Peter: "So funny! But see, I've already been to jail. So fuck that."
Reporter: "Hey, why don't you guys make out for the cameras?"
Alicia: "Hey, why don't you shut the hell up?"
Reporter: "Are you guys still living in separate apartments?"
Alicia: "We have residences here and in Springfield, just like every other politician, and another apartment in the city proper, since we both work here."
Anne: "So you both stay there and sleep together and are happily married there?"
Eli: "Get some class."
Anne: "Fine. You guys are renewing your vows in Hawaii, right? That's a terrible sign..."
Alicia: "And who the eff might have told you that?"
Eli: "The issues, Anne. Talk about the issues."
Anne: "Are you handpicking your Ethics Commission and that's why you fired the brilliant and super-ethical Marilyn Garbanza?"
Eli: "The issues, Anne. Stop talking about the issues."

Alicia takes a call from the brilliant Janel Moloney, who has grown up into quite a lovely woman. It's one of those cases where they drop you into it well behind Alicia, but your first guess is usually your best guess. This Kathy Isenstadt is the biological mother in a surrogacy that Alicia wrote the contract for, with a young lady named Tara. Kathy's scared to death on the phone, but Alicia isn't alarmed until Kathy says, "We're at Dr. Tuft's office, and Tara's headed over here now. I think she'll need you."

Out in the foyer, bored with waiting for the interview, Alicia doesn't even recognize Grace in the Veronica dress she's wearing. Even Eli is like, "When did you get a daughter?"


Will's in his all-black workout gear, running his feelings to death, when Mandy Post calls, class as ever.

Mandy: "Mr. Gardner this is Mandy Post, fact-checking an article?"
Will: "Sure, my day couldn't get worse. Hope you had fun talking to her."
Mandy: "So listen, have you stolen any more money from any clients?"
Will: "Uh, what?"
Mandy: "You know, since that $45,000 you took ten years ago."

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