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Already Gone
Will: "Oh no! I have to call you back. Pencil me in for I just threw my motherfucking phone in the lake o'clock."

Will: "Kalinda, can you to look into Diane's recent cases?"
Kalinda: "You mean like do they exist, or....?"
Will: "Lapses, complaints. Dommages."
Kalinda: "What is going on, dude."
Will: "Diane gave an interview that screws us -- specifically everybody except Diane -- and I'm going to have to ask her to step away."
Kalinda: "So you are planning to get nasty? Because if you start digging on this, it's going to get nasty. Take it from one who knows."
Will: "It's already nasty. If I were anybody but Will Gardner I would be throwing up right now, and crying, but instead I am looking at ways to limit the damage to the firm. Just do it. Immediately."


We meet Tara, with Alicia, outside the doctor's office: A college student, white, apparently affluent; wearing a hoodie and eating Red Vines. Even when Alicia tells her that the Isenstadts are there, she doesn't seem too interested, just in a hurry to get to class. But Alicia knows, she heard it. And the longer the conversation goes, the sicker she looks.

Because the news is bleak: An 85% likelihood of Patau Syndrome, a severe chromosomal abnormality that means major developmental disabilities and a short life. Tara points out he was kicking last night and horribly, Dr. Tuft assures her he will continue to do so. They've been called in to discuss their options -- it's still early enough to terminate -- and the parents fall all over themselves comforting Tara, assuring her they'll take care of everything, and all that stuff. The money, the details, all the things you don't want to talk about but you have to talk about.

Will: "I need you for an emergency committee meeting. We're short of a quorum."
Alicia: "I am very fucking busy right now. I am in a serious thing."
Will: "You'd be surprised. Come to the empty space on the 16th floor."
Alicia: "But it's about terminating a..."
Will: "-- So's this."


Eli: "I don't want to deal with this Ethics stuff."
Peter: "That is like, your theme song. If you were a cartoon character or..."
Eli: "I wish they'd just shut up about it!"
Peter: "You need to get Marilyn back."

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