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Now, I don't have a lot of opinions about it -- whatever you're doing, just be fully aware of what you're doing -- but I do think that (annoying, overworked) statement strikes at the heart of the matter from a direction it's hard for people to get to: The fact is that arguing the details of abortion is a privilege. When you get suckered into negotiating over how many weeks, or within what boundaries, or what are the circumstances -- or when you bring up fetuses at all -- you're already past the point where women are people. You've already lost the fight, when the terms of the fight become how much of a human being women are, or who is more of a human being, or how much of a human being you're allowed to be.

And I think a lot of even the nuttiest pro-choice rhetoric in this country operates from that perspective, because it's one of those basic human rights things that needs to get fought way at the other end from where it starts: That demonstrating women are human beings -- and that there's nothing scary about that -- means attacking on wage disparity, reproductive rights, and so on. Gay marriage, to me, is less important as a fundamental right and more important as a fundamental sign of being a person, which is why negotiating the hows and whys of gay marriage are depressing, because the hows and whys mean we're already in a space where it's not necessarily true that I am a person.

If I'm a human being in Vermont but not Georgia, I'm still not a human being. If a woman is a human being when she pops her morning birth control, she's a human being when she makes the choice to terminate a pregnancy at 20 weeks. The feelings of the pregnancy itself aren't a factor -- that's just using emotional violence to win the fight, to shut down the conversation before it goes anyway, because you can't look at the actualities of denying a person their own agency, their ownership of their body.

Imagine sitting somebody down because you love them, they're doing something they shouldn't be doing -- drinking too much, or being mean to their spouse -- what's the first thing they're gonna do? "Well, you got drunk on Friday!" Yeah, but we're not talking about that, we're talking about a specific topic. Feel free to interrogate me about my personal life at another time, I'd be a hypocrite to say no after this conversation, but this is the conversation we're having right now. You slip into that "I'm cornered so let's do something else" conversation so quickly and automatically you don't always see yourself doing it.

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