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Emotion To Suppress


Alicia: "Caitlin, I don't have time to talk about legal matters with you. I am too busy being annoyed about basic computer things that anybody would understand."
Caitlin: "Further to that ridiculous issue you're having with technology -- turn your computer off and then on again, idiot -- let me tell you about how sometimes when a person dies their creepy friends make a creepy Facebook for their corpse so that they can share stories and photos. It's like a wake, but you can do it while you're in the john."
Alicia: "You kids and your Facebook all the time."
Caitlin: "Anyway, some classy motherfucker has put up pictures from the Booze Cruise where she was murdered. Now I have to tell you another thing about how there are different kinds of parties for different kinds of whatever, it's really stupid. Point being, the color of her cup changed throughout the night, which means she broke up with her boyfriend mid-Cruise."


Kalinda: "It has come to my attention that Maya's beer cup changed color at the party. Was she an expert in close-up magic, or did you break up with her? And then almost rape or totally murder her?"
Cute Ex-Boyfriend: "No, she broke up with me on the phone during the party because I like to hang out with sushi waitresses who are single moms."
Kalinda: "...I don't understand what you just said, but okay. Do you have any screaming voicemails?"
CEB: "I am still talking about myself, because that's how young people always are."
Kalinda: "I said do you have any screaming breakup voicemails? Or maybe a voicemail where she interrupts herself breaking up with you to get raped and murdered?"
CEB: "Now that you mention it..."


Cary: "Here's a voicemail where she tells a guy to stop touching her, and it's Chen. You can tell by his voice. So I guess it was not a consensual makeout after all."
Matan: "Cary, Peter has delegated some things to me and now I am moving you into a broom closet just to throw my weight around."


Zach: "Oh, my mom's just downstairs..."
Will: "You're Zach, right? I'm Will Gardner, your mom's boss."
Zach: "Who cares."
Will: "So, no school today, huh?"
Zach: "It's 4 PM. I came here from school. Do you know how school works?"
Will, verbatim: "Helping Mom out, eh? Well, keep on keepin' on?"

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