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Emotion To Suppress


Kalinda: "So, you were married to Eli?"
Vanessa: "Four happy years, eight medium ones, and two bad ones. I hope that doesn't preclude me from running."
Kalinda: "I don't care about anything. Stop thinking I'm trying to judge you. Why did you divorce?"
Vanessa: "I think that was in the divorce settlement..."
Kalinda: "No, it just said Irreconcilable Differences."
Vanessa: "Indeed. We had differences, and we just could not reconcile them."

Kalinda: "Mrs. Ex-Gold, please stop dicking around."
Vanessa: "Fine. I was traveling a lot."
Kalinda: "Yeah, like to Dubai."
Vanessa: "Sure, for example."
Kalinda: "I am Kalinda."

Vanessa goes abruptly apeshit in a very Parker Posey way about how Eli is trying to use Kalinda to get at her soul or something, it's really weird, and you realize that Vanessa was sleeping with a man named Omar Tate while they were married, but that doesn't seem like a bad enough thing for Vanessa to be shitting bricks like this. I feel another Baseball Commissioner curveball coming. Anyway, she just begs Kalinda not to tell him about this, like one million times, but you know Kalinda's like, "I will tell him whatever I want. Begging me like this just makes you look weak."


Sample Dialogue: "We were both worried about getting disconnected at parties, so we always kept track. You know, with that app? The Rape app? Have you heard of it? See, the GPS shows you where your friend is. There's a panic button, but that's what sucks! The phone vibrated when Maya pushed it, but the music was so loud, and I was dancing, so I didn't feel it.

So then she was murdered. Thanks, Rape App. Thanks, technology. But on the up, it has a record of when Maya pushed the panic button, which is the same time that Chen was buying her a pre-rape mojito according to his credit card.

Meanwhile, down in his hole for rats, Cary has the same conversation about the Rape App and everybody says "Rape App" like one million times and then Dana comes in and Cary says "Rape App" to her a bunch of times and it's just rape app this, rape app that, and then Cary notices maybe the stupidest clue ever seen on this show, which is that Chen signed for his rape mojito first-name-first and not surname first, like a Taiwanese person always signs credit cards.

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