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Emotion To Suppress

Caitlin: "I kind of thought he was innocent."
Alicia: "Yeah, it's because he doesn't have a personality. You'll find that frequently we never know for sure. It's not really relevant to our job, but we complain about that all the time anyway."
Caitlin: "Well, that's depressing."
Alicia: "On the upshot, we never lose any cases. I'm a genius and Kalinda is magic."


Vanessa, shivery like a junkie now: "So what did she tell you, did she tell you? And if so, what."
Eli: "HOW COULD YOU? Fundraise for Rod Blagojevich, I mean."
Vanessa: "Whew! I thought you were going to yell at me about having Osama Bin Laden's baby or something. Yeah, Blagojevich is still a very relevant punchline."
Eli: "JUST KIDDING! How could you cheat on me with that guy?"
Vanessa: "That was a very false sense of comfort you just gave me for a minute."

Sample Dialogue #1: "The thought that my semen mixed with bin Laden..."
Sample Dialogue #2: "Come on, Eli, you know how this works. The semen doesn't just stay in us."

What? Who has this conversation? How does this conversation happen? Why are we thinking about this? What is with the semen-mixing? Is this some kind of Isaac and Ishmael thing where it's symbolic on an immediate level I don't get? So confusing. Anyway, they have a big boring fight about their big boring marriage that didn't exist until this episode, and there is a shitload of acting that happens, and then she leaves, the end. This episode makes zero sense to me.


Will: "What do you think of Caitlin?"
Alicia: "I like her. I don't wanna like her, but I like her. So I heard you met Zach, and that makes me nervous."
Will: "I really sort of pissed my pants on that one. I don't know what I was thinking, I just dorked right out."
Alicia: "He didn't seem too scornful. He's a pretty great kid."
Will: "Would you like, want me to really meet them?"
Alicia: "What? No."
Will: "I'm not sure you understand, I mean formally meet them, make a good impression."
Alicia: "I am fully aware, Will, of what you are saying. And the answer is no. Not just no, but like, Fuck no."
Will: "I feel like I should clarify, what I'm asking for is to be a larger part of your life, because I'm really lonely and I've been in love with you for a long time, and now you're finally this close to getting a divorce, and I just really..."
Alicia: Ducks down underneath her desk until he goes away.

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