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Sisters And Bothers

Sara: "Didn't you give her your class ring?"
Will: "I didn't give her my class ring, she stole it. She was a kleptomaniac. Look, I swear I'm not dating, or anything. I'm not doing the law, I'm not into girls, I'm not doing anything of any kind. I am resting. Being Will Gardner is hard work!"
Sisters: "So is being up your ass about everything! But we will prevail."


Peter: "Cary, we need to hire a new ASA."
Cary: "Um, we don't, but go on."
Peter: "It's my friend Horton Baker."
Cary: "So we're back to being corrupt, I take it. Whatever. Where you want him?"
Peter: "New Head of Felony Review."
Cary: "Aw, man, you know Lodge is already pissed at me and now I'm supposed to take out Geneva Pine too? We're running out of minority women for me to fetishize."
Peter: "That's not what this is about. Just take care of it."


This is pretty representative of how the Anderson case is going:

Crozier: "Your Honor, the defense is just trying to shift blame..."
Caitlin: "Yes. To the guilty party."

She summarizes all the reasons this is actually a good thing, since the city is the real culprit and that's who Nancy's trying to find, and Nancy's getting more and more pissy, but the numbers don't lie and Judge Serena is appalled by the 48-minute response average.


Diane: "So first of all, you've been a great mentor."
Alicia: "She is very promising clay. For a child. Who has been working here five seconds."
Diane: "Yeah, see, I'm making her a full litigator under Julius. We need more like her."
Alicia: "Uh, that's a terrible idea! For reasons I will think of in a minute."
Diane: "Well, it's happening. So. Oh, and hey, could you share your assistant with her, also? Until she gets her own?"

Alicia: "I'm going to miss having one of David Lee's family members as a hostage, but of course I trust Diane's judgment. So why is Caitlin's promotion hitting me more like it's a demotion for me? Maybe it's because I was defining myself against her, using my image of her as an unqualified toddler to make myself feel more competent and grown up. I hope all of this doesn't bite me in the ass!"

Something here, again, about how you can have a woman v. woman fight without it being girl-on-girl. Like, people are jealous of people, people minimize people, all the time. That's going to be true regardless of the genders or relative ages of the players. So at the risk of repeating myself, I'm again drawn to this idea that the show is, in a sophisticated way, proving its feminist bona fides by doing this exact thing, pitting our protagonist against a younger woman and then like, daring her to attack.

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