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Sisters And Bothers


Eli: "Lockhart/Gold. Sounds almost regal, doesn't it?"
Diane: "Oh my God, I feel like Wendy Darling with this shit. Look, Eli, like I told the others..."
Eli: "I am not the others!"
Diane: "You are the new kid. You've been here five minutes, you're an equity partner for reasons that have nothing to do with this kind of thing, you don't even work for us..."
Eli: "I might be dumping Peter, actually. Which partially explains my passion, which even for me is a little OTT. I need a new job, and it can't just be Vanessa."
Diane: "Okay, well, either way the spot isn't open. You're all fighting about a job that doesn't exist."
Eli: "And what if we outvote you?"
Diane: "Who's this we, kemosabe?"
Eli: "Me and my allies that you made me be friends with."
Diane: "Must feel good. Not being left out of the mutinies anymore, I mean. You must really feel like a man now."


Kalinda: "Hey, is Will here?"
Sisters: "He's in the shower! We're his sisters! You're so gorgeous we want to have sex with you! Just like everyone else that's ever met you! Or at least leave you unattended near our incriminating papers like everybody on this show does."
Kalinda: "Yeah, I just... Can I talk to..."
Sisters: "Come in! You are probably Sweet Voice! Oh my God, how exotic!"
Will: "Sisters! Scatter! Kalinda, whom I am not dating, I see you've met my sisters."
Kalinda: "They're a lot."

Kalinda: "Okay, you need to get your ass back to work now."
Will: "Suspended."
Kalinda: "No, I mean your physical ass needs to be at work. Now."
Will: "Oh, what. David Lee and Julius Cain? Whatever, That's so obvious."
Kalinda: "No, for real. Eli too, and I know that's gotta scare you. Forces are rising. Just go show your face."

Kalinda: "Okay, but I mean it. Now, what's this about you giving Alicia my case? Is that about making us be friends again?"
Will: "No, it's about I can't be there for you and Alicia can. Trust me, she'll fix it."
Kalinda: "I know. It's just weird."


One of the film's crewmembers explains that the rule was, if somebody stepped on the railing of the ledge, you call 911.

Crozier: "So if somebody stood there crying and acting suicidal for forty minutes, you'd do nothing. They have to step on the rail."
Norris: "Yes, that's the rule."
Crozier: "Did you know that it takes about 48 minutes for the cops to come when you do that?"
Norris: "No. I did not. I never needed to call one in..."

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