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Nancy Crozier, as per: "...I'm sorry.This is hard for me, and I'm... I'm just a girl from Michigan."
Alicia: "Give me a goddamn break."
Andersons & Crozier: "Our basic thing is that we took part in the suicide documentary Will keeps watching because we thought it would do some good, but now we're suing because it was about making money on our daughter's death. The artistry is a turn-off."
Alicia: "Be she a humble caveman or not, Your Honor, she keeps summarizing her case over and over so the jury will think it's real. Advertisement by repetition."
Crozier: "I don't even know what that means. I... I'm just speaking from the heart."
Alicia: "I hate your heart. Your heart is stupid, and a lie. And I am going to prove it by deploying Caitlin, who is actually what you only pretend to be."

Caitlin: "OR AM I?"

Kalinda: "Here's your notes from Will on past strategy."
Alicia: "Great, how is he?"
Kalinda: "Weirdly happy? He asked about you."
Alicia: "Whatever."

To summarize, the bridge footage exists because the artiste -- played by the Ice Truck Killa -- set up cameras there. And there's a part on the video where she stares up at the camera, so obviously the cameras forced her to commit suicide as was the ITK's intent...

Alicia: "Calls for speculation."
Crozier: "Sorry, Dead Girl's Dad. I know it's difficult after everything that you've been through not to speak from the heart, but in court, we do have to go by the rules. Let me ask something I think Mrs. Florrick will allow me to ask..."
Alicia: "Mrs. Florrick will allow you to eat a bag of dicks. You are the worst!"

The camera zooms in on the girl before she jumps, making it seem like there was somebody operating the camera at that time who, rather than calling the authorities -- or yelling into a microphone and pretending to be God telling her not to jump, which is probably what I would do in a pinch -- simply salivated and pushed in closer on her misery.


Alicia: "Aidan, I know you're pretentious, but please don't fall for her crap. If she gets you talking about filmmaking or the art of the cinema auteur, you're going to look like somebody who curated suicides, and we're sunk. Just answer yes or no. Do you know those words and can you say them."
Aidan: "Sometimes. But I am very artistic."
Alicia: "Yes or no."
Kalinda: "Talk about why you made the film. Why suicide is a big deal for you. The actual shit."
Aidan: "Maybe we should just wait for Will. He's easier to obey, because of his penis."
Kalinda: "Will gave Alicia this case because he trusts her, and because juries -- among other people, some of whom may be standing here having this conversation while slowly dying inside -- also love her. Got it?"

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