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Alicia: "No."
Eli: "Alicia..."
Alicia: "No! I am busy! My job is my job, I am doing my job! Go away!"
Eli: "Whatever, I just dropped by to tell you that Peter might be the DNC keynote speaker..."
Alicia: "Parts of my autonomic nervous system still think that's a big deal. Pay no attention to the slight smile on my face."
Eli: "I take it as a compliment, considering how long I've spent this season working Donna Brazile. Anyway, are you divorcing Peter?"
Alicia: "The fuck?"
Eli: "Donna Brazile wants to know."
Alicia: "Tell her, 'The fuck?'"
Eli: "It's not like that. It's just my backhanded way of tattling on David Lee for telling me he was administrating your divorce possibilities. Shorthanded, what I'm saying is that David Lee ratted you out, and I'm glad about it because now you will hate him more, and because it means if I know this and Donna Brazile psychically knows this, soon everyone will know this."
Alicia: "The worst kind of Eli manipulations are when you tell me you're doing it."
Eli: "That's how Rumpelstiltskins work."


Diane: "Willlllllll, I missss you, please come hang out with meeeee, David Lee is a sanitary naaaapkin, I caught Eli sniffing my Louboutiiiiiiiiins."
Will: "I am writing my book on the Shock Doctrine as it applies to the Supreme Court and can't be arsed."
Diane: "I am not kidding! You get your ass here! We'll drink like Don Draper, you can play your guitar, I don't care. Whatever you want, buddy. I'll give you an office to write your book."
Will: "Instead, you should come play video games with me and we can both ignore the firm."
Diane: "Not at all sure I won't take you up on that."

Knock knock.

Merrit Wever! The best thing about Nurse Jackie and one of the best things about life. She is here to make her brother Willy cheer up again! And she is not leaving!


Julius Cain sees David Lee checking out Will's office -- as was prophesied! -- and runs at quite a clip, right to D. Lock. Apparently today's the day now that David Lee's not even being chill about it.

Julius: "Diane, I would like to throw my hat in the ring for Will's spot on the letterhead and also I want his office."
Diane: "I don't have time for this shit. I am going to hire somebody into Litigation by the end of this episode and it is going to be bonkers."
Julius: "I appreciate the help. But back to me replacing Will..."
Diane: "He'll be back soon."
Julius: "Yeah, and he should have to fight when he does."
Diane: "You are brazen, Julius Cain. Brazen indeed."
Julius: "I'm sorry, has there ever been a storyline where I didn't make it clear I want to be a named partner? Nature abhors a vacuum."
Diane: "And I abhor a swot. Listen, would you be pacified if I pointed out that you'd be more likely to get this nonexistent promotion than David Lee or Eli Gold, because they are both megalomaniacs whereas you're fairly cool? No? Then I'll just let you rave and act weird. All of you. Mama can take it."

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