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Sisters And Bothers

Donna Brazile: "Listen Eli, he's great. But everybody I've called is either lukewarm or downright weird about him. Why doesn't he have any friends anymore?"
Eli: "Who are these motherfuckers?"
Donna Brazile: "I'm not doing your job for you, Eli. Just help me out and get some people to support him. Support breeds support."
Eli: "Cool. Bothering people is what I am all about."


Aubrey: "Let's start a band! Or do anything that's not being a lawyer."
Will: "Only in our family would being a partner at one of the city's biggest firms be considered dropping out."
Aubrey: "I just think you were meant for better things."
Will: "Speaking of judgment and disappointment and being up my ass, why is our sister Sara calling me?"
Aubrey: "I may have invited her here to also come stay with us until we both drive you insane."

Ring ring!

Alicia: "I was just calling to ask you about this case and things I already know about it, because really I'm just worried you're going insane and also because Kalinda told me you asked about me, and I wanted to make sure you are still pining in misery for all this I got going on."
Will: "You're going to do great!"

Aubrey: "...That's your sweet voice. You are sweet on somebody when you use that voice!"
Will: "Shut up. And when is Sister Sara arriving? Let's go pick her up."


Crozier: "So what exactly did you do to make suicide seem incredibly romantic and appealing?"
Editor: "Um, what we did to the video is make the sky bluer and add mist to a waterfall."
Alicia: "These images in evidence are the result of a suicide, not the cause..."
Crozier: "Yeah, of this particular suicide, but that's not what we're arguing."

Turns out that while usually there's 15 suicides a year on that bridge, for whatever reason during the nine months of filming he only got one, so they put up this YouTube video we've been watching over and over, for marketing purposes. Which is apparently somebody else killing herself? I've been back and forth through the episode trying to figure out who's actually dying there and what it has to do with Kara Anderson's parents, but I can't seem to make sense of it. Which is fine, since it doesn't really matter in the long run.

Crozier: "Okay, music."
Editor: "He wanted romantic, sad music for it. We tried like thirty, including the song from Titanic, which proved too expensive."
Crozier: "And after all this effort, and the video here got onto the internet?"
Editor: "Five suicides in two months. It was like the Gold Rush, but with suicidal people."

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