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Sisters And Bothers

So the first suicide was the star of the promo, after the promo there was this spate of deaths, one of the deaths was Kara Anderson, and that's what the case is about. But then why in the video at the beginning of the episode was the voiceover talking about Kara Anderson? Whatever. It has no bearing on the case, and I usually get confused by the case at some point anyway. Just not usually this early.


Eli: "Horton, tell me why you are telling Donna Brazile you don't like Peter?"
Horton: "Because he didn't give me a cush job at the SA when he got reelected."
Eli: "Do you not understand the appearance of corruption that Peter Florrick drags everywhere he goes? Due to his immense corruption? Peter had to hire on merit..."
Horton: "Did you seriously just say that to me?"
Eli: "Look..."
Horton: "Boo hoo, I work at a think tank now! Get me a job or else. They call it patronage for a reason, Eli."
Eli: "Yes, I imagine the best way to impress Donna Brazile with his sterling character is to do some governmental nepotism. I'll just call it patronage, there's the ticket. It's not unclean to offer patronage."
Horton: "Don't give me that shit. It's only nepotism or cronyism when people other than affluent white men do it."


Alicia: "How would you like your first day in court, cross-examining their next witness?"
Caitlin: "Uh..."
Alicia: "Caitlin, Mentee, Darling, you're a legal powerhouse and a tremendous human. You can do this. You can do anything!"

Alicia: "What I'm not telling you is, I want to beat Crozier at her own game, and the best way to defeat lies is through truth. She acts like a sweet little blonde idiot, but the perfect thing is that you really are one!"

Caitlin: "...OR AM I?"

(Nope. Not on this show. Ever.)


The sisters bother Will about: The contents of his refrigerator, the logistics of his kitchen, whether he fought his suspension hard enough, whether Sara's husband -- a "portmaster" of wherever -- can help him get a real job, whether Lockhart, Question Mark is really as good as he thinks it is, why he doesn't have a girlfriend...

Aubrey: "He does! Sweet voice on the phone! And he won't tell me about it! It's a lawyer on this suicide case and he refuses to talk to me about it!"

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