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Sisters And Bothers

Seriously. It's just this like, buzzing noise coming out of her. Maybe we broke Nancy Crozier this time.

Everybody: "HELL YEAH! That was AWESOME!"
Diane: "Caitlin, that was masterful. Come talk to me later."

Alicia, look at your choices here. Because when you pay for this -- and you are going to pay for this, for playing the same card you hate when it's Nancy, or Patti Nyholm, or Louis Canning doing it; for using another woman the same way they've been using you for three years; the same way they've been using women for thousands of years -- you're going to want to remember this moment.

It's not unclean to offer patronage, as they say, but that's not what you did.


Eli: "...Then by all means do whatever you want. Be 'clean,' whatever that means."
Peter: "I don't need you telling me to pick random people for my office..."
Eli: "He's not random, he's your friend and a great lawyer. If you think about it -- sufficiently -- it almost starts to look crazy, that the elite people you trust get penalized by knowing you, while people you hate are succeeding."
Peter: "Just do your job and stop telling me how to be good. You're no expert. Frankly, it's weird to be reminded that we have an entirely storyline together."
Eli: "I can't do my job if you won't do what I tell you, because Donna Brazile wants you but won't take you. I guess you could still get a spot earlier in the week at the DNC, rather than the keynote..."
Peter: "Eli, fess up. What are you even talking about?"
Eli: "Your friends hate you. They're talking shit. Now offer some affluent white men some jobs -- it's not unclean to offer patronage, for God's sake -- or I just might quit the campaign."
Peter: "How much time would you need to give notice, if you did?"
Eli: "...That is not what I expected you to say."


Cary: "You know that the city erases 911 calls after..."
Kalinda: "Yes, but I also know you're doing a robbery from the same night, so you have the tape."
Cary: "Issue a subpeona. You know the drill."
Kalinda: "I need it today! God!"
Cary: "I'm more worried about the fact that Eli Gold just left my boss's office. Everything always goes to shit when that happens."

Kalinda scopes the bridge next; there's a phone with a sign about how you should call somebody to talk to instead of jumping, but it's out of order. She calls 911 about an imaginary man about to jump...

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