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Sisters And Bothers

Alicia: "...It took then 42 minutes to send a car?"
Kalinda: "Yeah, and I found out it takes 48 minutes on average, plus the broken suicide hotline phone."
Alicia: "We'll implead the city -- make them co-defendants -- and then they'll give us the 911 tape we need. Good work."
Kalinda: "Oh my God, thank you."
Alicia: "Miss Sharma? I also need to talk to you about the case Will gave me, your tax thing. You claimed income from companies that don't exist?"
Kalinda: "Um, they do. And I can prove it. Later. Not right now. Goodbye."


Alicia: "Hey, David Lee? I just wanted to tell you that you can fuck off. I'm not getting a divorce, and if I change my mind you'll still be the last person I'd trust."
David Lee: "If I had feelings, they wouldn't be hurt by this! Luckily, I have the partnership question to obsess on or else I would be destroying you. For not hurting my feelings, I mean."

Blaming Eli and nursing his unhurt feelings, David Lee spots Julius in Eli's office, chatting, and... Pulls up a chair so he can stare a hole through the glass of Eli's wall, while they talk. It's pretty much amazing. David Lee is fucking crazy.

Julius: "Basically this is about the good of the firm. Diane's do-gooderism was balanced by Will's hardcoreness, so somebody needs to replace him."
Eli: "You want me to support you for partner. And what do you get in return?"
Julius: "Whatever you want."
Eli: "Because you hate David Lee too, right?"
Julius: "Let's stick to the subject."

Eli has this whole scary silent conversation with David Lee over Julius's shoulder, that is mostly curse words. Julius has no idea. Even up to when Eli finishes the conversation with a stagey handshake, mugging directly at him, at which point Julius finally clues in that he's being used to rile his enemy, and asks Eli to be cool. No matter how many times you ask Eli to be cool, he won't. Just give in.

Eli: "Keep me in touch on this secret plan, Julius!"
Julius: "Soooo the part about you being cool was... Nothing good ever comes of shaking hands with Eli Gold. Nothing."

Eli: "David Lee! Would you like a magazine while you watch me build alliances all around you?"
David Lee: "What I would like is to throw this chair."


Aubrey and Sara have followed Will to a coffee shop, where they are going through his past exes to see what's going on. The funniest is Jane Trout:

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