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Alienation Of Affection

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Preston: "Ah, right. I meant the wife of my client, at the time. April Huntley. Obviously."
Alicia: "I tried to be nice to her. I am the only nice person here, so it often falls to me to..."
Preston: "And you talked about your husband cheating on you?"
Alicia: "We commiserated on..."
Preston: "You said You can't imagine the relief you feel, that first night, just being alone, having a glass of wine..."
Diane: "Stop it. Don't go into her shit. Even though making her angry turns her into an unstoppable magic force."
Preston: "Well, she went there with my client."
Alicia: "She asked about my experiences and I comforted her. The end. You are alienating the fuck out of my affection right now."
Preston: "Seems like coercion to me. Did David Lee hire this stripper to seduce my client?"
Alicia: "No."
Preston: "Do you know what perjury is?"
Alicia: "Oh my God."

He shows them the sale documents for Bubble Elastics, of which L/G gets 5% of future profits. Which Alicia has never seen, but which means that L/G made more off the sale than April did, since it was the back end. Which -- to Preston's mind, although how would anybody know that ahead of time -- says fraud. Diane gets their asses out of there so instantly the chairs are still spinning as F. Murray Abraham leans back and lights his pipe, red firelight playing across his face in the shadows.


Everybody still screaming at everybody else. It comes down to the fact that Julius made more money on the sale than David Lee did on his divorce case, which does make them all look pretty insane.

Eli: "Your right hand doesn't know what the left is doing."
Diane: "My right hand is about to bitch-slap you if you don't stay out of it, noob."
Julius: "Why am I being persecuted for doing my job?"
David Lee: "Because you didn't tell us and now it's fraud, you stupid..."

Everybody: (Accidentally fills in the blank.)

Julius: "Uh, what? Say it. Come on."
David Lee: "I am very offended that you think I was about to say that."
(Everybody fronts.)
Will: "So but she signed a conflict of interest waiver?"
David Lee: "Yeah, that's a standard rider. Kalinda can find it somewhere."
Eli: "...Bam! It is now time for us to talk, Lockhart."

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