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Safe Harbor


Alicia: "Wait, so you told her there was a job, maybe, and there was no job?"
Lutz: "Have you seen her? You gonna say no to all that?"
Alicia: "Everything's the worst! And now I got call-waiting..."
Jeffrey: "Is Cary there?"
Alicia: "You want Room 207, sir. Thanks."
Lutz: (Has hung up.)

Feeling brutalized by the ways of the world, sucking down lonely red wine in a DC hotel, Alicia finds the time to listen through the walls as Cary's muffled voice tells his dad some kind of lie designed to make him go away. You know homegirl's not gonna let that slide.


Drinkin' cozy in a hotel room with Cary Agos. Just sittin' on the bed, shirt cuffs rolled up, socks and slacks. What a world DC has turned out to be.

Cary: "Gimme some more of that hooch. And yeah, I am not a fan of my father."
Alicia: "They're both lobbyists?"
Cary: "Yeah, him and my stepmom."
Alicia: "Well, I think you should have breakfast with him."
Cary: "Well, that's not happening."
Alicia: "Cary, just do it. You only get so much family in life."
Cary: "Why do you even care? Listen, my dad kicked me out when I was 18. For the reason that his dad kicked him out at that age. And so on, back to when we conquered this land. Your capacity to romanticize the unromantic..."
Alicia: "Maybe he's trying to make amends. People change on you, you never know."

Listen up. He's the only one that never notices this, which I know I always go on about, but it is just so kick-ass:

Cary: "You changed on me. You don't notice it? You're tougher now, you're ... smarter about things."
Alicia: "Is that good or bad?"
Cary: "Probably neither. Just necessary."
Alicia: "I guess you've changed too. I used to think you were a jerk, but you're wonderful."
Cary: "Ha! You are drunk."

He remembers Therese Dodd was on Bill Maher tonight -- which, if you thought Christian Finnegan was gonna egg her on, it's the reason Bill Maher was hatched out of whatever miserable self-righteous egg he came out of -- and flips it on.

Alicia: "You two certainly seemed to hit it off."
Cary: "Who doesn't like boob jokes?"
Alicia: "Jesus, apparently."

Maher: "Say something ludicrous and unworkable that will make my privileged audience cheer for themselves for being so naughty! I am into fighting authority figures like an oversexed teenage boy who just discovered atheism! Even though really I am a grown-ass man."

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