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Safe Harbor

Dodd: "Well, I personally stripped today for each and every FCC Commissioner today, and boy are my tits tired. Commissioner Gill took pictures, but he said it was for educational purposes... Commissioner Bix, she slipped me her number, but you know, that can mean anything..."
Maher: "And did you settle anything? Just kidding, I hate solutions. So much less fun than endless bitching under the guise of liberal intellectualism."
Dodd: "Yes, we did. No more censorship. Anywhere. Ever. These breasts can do anything when they set their minds to it."

I wouldn't hate her if I didn't like her so much. Same for Bill Maher, come to think of it.


Jeffrey: "So your old boss Florrick, shit's going pretty crazy there. You like him?"
Cary: "Yeah, he's a good guy. Hard to be a good guy in that town. Guess it's necessary."
Jeffrey: "Your mom sent me some deal you wrote about plea bargains. Negotiation Techniques With A Human Face? It was smart. I didn't understand all of it, but..."
Cary, too chuffed: "Trust me, you're negotiating with my (barely) human face just fine. We done?"
Jeffrey: "I want to talk about you. I'm showing familial concern for you."
Cary: "You're playing the familial concern game. Which either means you're dying, or people really do change on you. Either one would be a win for me."
Jeffrey: "The plan's to make you think it's both."

Sudden Alicia: "-- Hey guys! Um, so DC is cancelled and we have to go home. Martinez doesn't really care to chill with Therese Dodd's stupid ass after last night, so..."
Cary: "Darn. Well, bye."
Jeffrey: "I'll call to jerk you around more later, okay?"


Eli: "Well I'm aghast -- aghast -- that Maddie Hayward the genius billionaire is acting all genius-y and playing politics with her billions of money."
Kalinda: "Neighborhood Watch said they've seen Indira Starr's car there for the last month, meaning even before we ever met Mandy Post."
Jim Moody: "Politics! Let's do horrible things."
Kalinda: "Uh, fuck you guys, I'm out."
Eli: "But I thought you were doing this for Alicia!"
Kalinda: "That had a time limit on it. I have like ten other jobs, little man."


Diane: "So you're selling us to Burl Preston? He's awful!"

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