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Safe Harbor

Hayden: "I'm just considering options."
Diane: "Your options."
Hayden: "Yeah, after six years of squandering yours. Listen, I know it galls you when I tell you true things over and over but the thing is that you don't have any money. Look, I'm a trusty guy. It's right there in my name. But you are rapidly turning this into a shitty place to work."


Laura: "How was DC?"
Alicia: "Great! Wait, we're just being people, my bad. Actually girl, it was horrible."
Laura: "Well, thanks for helping me with that job I nearly have."
Alicia: "Oh right. Also, you have no job. Sorry. They lied to you because you're pretty."
Laura: "Rumspringa! Men in the real world are dinks!"
Alicia: "Trust me, I know. That's how I got the job I have now. Listen, I'll see if I can think up the worst plan I ever thought of, okay?"


Laughs his devilish scary David Lee laugh.

David Lee: "You motherfuckers want my help?"
L/G: "You hate Burl Preston as much as we do, David Lee. Maybe more, given your outsize capacity for hatred."
Diane, referencing herself also: "David Lee, Burl Preston is buying this entire firm in order to control you. Do you want to be controlled?"
David Lee: "Not by Burl Preston, no. But not by you either."
Will: "You have complete autonomy now, you will continue to have..."
David Lee: "Let's talk about my capital contribution. The only thing I care about, after Nathan Lane's righteous elbow drop a few weeks back."


This motherfucker. It's like they took a poll and decided that everybody loving Cary 100 percent was just not enough people loving Cary enough percent.

Jeffrey: "Cary, I thought you were going back to Chicago!"
Cary: "I am in Chicago. I had the sound of your death ringing in my ears the whole way. Spill your business."
Jeffrey: "It's very hard to talk about it, son. Your mother thinks that I should wait..."
Cary, tearing up: "Dad, I am here. And I'm listening."

Jeffrey talks. And the more Jeffrey talks, the closer Cary comes to crying. Not from sadness, but from built-up tension and from rage and from being ashamed that even after all this time, that motherfucker can still get in. Safe harbor's where they get you.

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