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Safe Harbor

"You know Senator Byers of Illinois? I have a chance to work as her press secretary, but I need someone to put in a good word with her. Now, I know that her best friend is Diane Lockhart at your firm, and I was hoping that you might ask her to put in a good word... Senator Byers depends a lot on personal recommendations. And I could talk to Martinez for you, if that would be helpful...?"


Alicia, loopy: "Do what?"
Peter: "Yeah, shaped like Brazil."
Alicia, giggling: "What am I supposed to say about it?"
Peter: "I don't really know."
Alicia: "I mean, No."
Peter: "Yeah, but like with some outrage."
Alicia, verbatim: "Yeah, I don't do outrage well these days. How about laughter?"

Alicia: "Oh hey, a horrible plan. Do you need somebody to replace Cary over there?"
Peter: "Eventually, like maybe sometime after everybody in Chicago stops finding things to say about my dick."
Alicia: "You're still into gorgeous leggy brunettes, right?"
Peter: "I mean, I guess so."

There's a lovely moment, sort of obligatory in this new configuration, where Alicia vibes at Cary until he turns around, so she can be sad with him. It's great.

(But Also Alternately: "So yeah, I guess I should apologize for shoving your entire face into the bear trap that is your awful father. Guess I should just keep my stupid mouth shut next time, huh?")

Kalinda: "You both look like hell in here. Guess what, it gets worse. I made some calls -- just grateful to not be doing Eli work, really -- and while Commissioner #3 cancelled you guys, he's still meeting with the PTC."
Alicia: "That little shit Punch Sutton? What would even be the point?"
Cary: "Let's just blame our assistant, say we didn't get the message, and crash their little censorship party. You know Dodd's got nothing going on."
(Airplane sound effect.)


Dodd: "I promise, Cary. Smell my perfume, it's called 'Accommodation.'"
Cary: "Smells good. Oh hey, my horrible father. See you in there."

Jeffrey: "You're ignoring me? What am I, your 18-year-old son?"
Cary: "Yeah, it occurred to me that fuck you."
Jeffrey: "What? That's crazy! I just need one call to Diane Lockhart!"

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