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Safe Harbor

Cary: "Look at me, Alicia."

Later on, Alicia catches Therese Dodd's latest routine. It's pretty good.

"I've spent the last week with my lawyer, trying desperately not to say anything about Brazil, and penises. I suppose there are worse birthmarks to have. Like Greece. I mean, who wants a penis that's always in recession? My lawyer says it really only looks like Brazil when it's erect, otherwise it's more like New Jersey..."

She may not be doing outrage too well lately, but girlfriend sure can laugh. She was right about that.


Will starts shit with All the Judges in Chicago, because it's been five minutes and he can't help himself, and of course he drags Alicia into it as well. Grace Fucking Florrick develops a hundred problems, because ditto and of course she ditto. Zach does technomagic and/or pulls some Kalinda shit, while Nick does something that's presumably both menacing and pitiful and Cary gets knocked about, looks like. Don't touch the face and we won't have a problem, unknown assailant.


Thanksgiving episode! Basically on Thanksgiving, thanks CBS! Gay Brother Owen! Fabulous Cristian! Smitten Racist Jackie! Stockard Channing! Oh man, how good is that gonna be.

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