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Safe Harbor

Judge: "Yeah. That's kind of bullshit. But it is also math. But that means the only question here is premeditation, right? Bring me proof -- like an earlier and identical stand-up routine -- or I'm prone to dismiss."

Dodd: "I have clearly never premeditated anything in my entire life."


Alicia's ChumHummed Therese's old routines on ChumTube or whatever, I forget what their YouTube is called, and it's something about how weird it is that guys fancy breasts so much. I don't, um, know that it's that mysterious. She's hitting the best line when Cary comes in, and Alicia hilariously slaps that shit closed like she's watching porn:

Dodd: "I've decided to name mine. This one's Margie, Margie's the misunderstood one..."
Cary: "Anything?"
Alicia: "She talks about breasts, like, a lot. Do you even think she's funny?"
Cary: "Boob jokes are pretty easy, pretty hacky. Hey, has Whitney gotten cancelled yet?"
Alicia: "Guys make dick jokes all the time, though."
Cary: "Yeah, those are easy too. Also, they're attached to something that matters."

Thus begins the weird false equivalency parallel throughout the episode, wherein dick jokes and tit jokes are somehow two branches on the hilarity tree, which goes back to the rape rant last week: It is not actually progressive to complain that women making breast jokes is the same thing as men making penis jokes, and therefore women are secretly just as funny as men.

The whole concept is predicated on so many and such wildly warped premises that you end up shooting yourself with the privilege you thought you were skewering. A breast is not a penis, a woman is not a man, and proving women are funny is something you would only need to do after having already accepted that men decide what's funny. It's trying to prove to the person in charge of the unlevel field that the field is leveled, which is not how you go about doing things.

What's Rule #1 For A Happy Life? Say it with me: You never explain privilege to a person in the moment they're actively demonstrating it. Begging men to allow you to think women are funny is exactly how they keep you in check, and when you do that you're helping them.

Alicia: "Hey, what's the deal with you and Trustee Clarke?"

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