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Safe Harbor

Cary: "We're in love, okay?"


The Captain arrives, fresh out of work. Alicia is delighted to see her, in her little civvies. Also because seeing Amanda Peet is the best thing your eyeballs are gonna do today.

Alicia: "Laura! You're out of uniform..."
Laura: "Yeah, I quit. It got kind of shitty after I pulled that rape bookshelf over onto myself. Turns out the military is still working some gender stuff out."
Alicia: "And you're looking for a job? Because Nathan Lane is about ten minutes from his daily routine of turning this place sideways and shaking it until an entire department falls out..."
Laura: "Here? Hell no. I just came to pay my bill for that case you didn't win."
Alicia: "Listen, I got started as an attorney in the real world kind of late. And as you can see, I've done a bangup job since then. So if you wanna talk..."
Laura: "Did another best friend screw you over somehow?"

Ring ring.

Alicia: "Hello?"
Unctuous Dude: "Hello. What do you think of Brazilian food?"
Alicia: "That's kind of nosy."
Unctuous Dude: Click.


Based on the way we didn't Robert Altman some minor character from that scene into this conference room, but accomplished it by editing in Eli in voiceover, I'm guessing Eli's set up camp elsewhere thanks to the Trustee? Anyway, he's on a conference call with what sounds like about ten reporters.

Eli: "Yeah, Gus, we take Maddie Hayward pretty seriously, but we're still more on the ass of Mike Kresteva."
Lady: "She's worth $180M, that's a lot of ad buys..."
Eli: "She's Ross Perot. These millionaires always burn themselves out in the end, and money only gets you so far. Plus, she's a woman. She'll get bored. Can we please talk about the issues?"
Mitch: "What about Peter sleeping with a campaign worker?"
Eli: "Mitch, for Chrissake. Every episode this season we have gotten that one squashed. Get crucial. It was a blogger and a disgraced reporter, a non-story, Peter's categorically denied the charges, and that chick has been proven to be a liar and nutcase. C'mon."

Wexler Turner, NSW News: "What about that campaign worker's latest thing where she identified a distinguishing mark on Peter Florrick's anatomy?"
Eli: "Give me a fucking break. I have no dignity whatsoever and you'll still insulting my dignity. And yours."

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