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Safe Harbor

Eli: "Yeah, it does kinda sound like Mike Kresteva."
Peter: "I'ma go tell my wife this and also leave this scene."

He does.

Eli: "Jim Moody, do your evil voodoo and tell me something super fucked up."
Moody: "Maddie Hayward might be sleeping with her aide."
Eli: "Not even this show is on-the-nose enough to do a double-standard Dueling Banjo about..."
Moody: "Her GIRL aide!"
Eli: "Go with God. And take pictures for me to masturbate to."

Guys, they just love that girl-on-girl stuff, don't they? I tellya.


Dodd: "I don't want to tell three different FCC ghouls my dead-mom story."
Cary: "I believe in you!"
Dodd: "That wasn't a complaint, it was a fucking warning. I am a lunatic."
Cary: "I know, it's great."
Dodd: "You like Coldplay?"
Cary: "Look at me, of course I like Coldplay. But don't tell anybody."
Dodd: "Well, I fuckin' hate 'em. When I get to the part about my mom's hair falling out, I want you to hum 'Fix You.' It'll be a gas."
Cary: "Girl, you so crazy!"

Alicia: "I mean, we'll see. If she only fucks up 33 percent of these grownup meetings we'll still be okay."
Burl: "Right. So how is your firm's bankruptcy going?"
Alicia: "Uh, fine?"
Burl: "And you've lost 40 percent of your attorneys?"
Alicia: "But not our major clients..."
Burl: "How about Family Law, they're still going?"
Alicia: "These are some nosy questions, mister. I'm starting to think you're not asking purely out of professional camaraderie."


Gill: "Don't even worry about it, I'm on your side."
Dodd: "They had me thinkin' I'd have to give you a blowjob!"
Burl: "Uh, stop please. So we're good here?"
Gill: "I think you network people are real pussies. You're the ones infantilizing entertainment, not us."
Dodd: "I know, right?"
Gill: "Oh, I'm just getting started! I have quite the axe to grind. Like how come CBS only has shows about people getting raped to death? You're cool with nudity as long as they're bruised and covered in blood..."
Dodd: "I know, right? You are the coolest!"

Burl gets a move on, needless to say. But Dodd's not quite done.

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