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Ladies & The Tiger

Dr. Ladera: "No coke."
Lionel: "But some amphetamines are undetectable after as little as five hours, yes?"
Will: "Not in evidence. He's trying to bias the jury."

Sustained, no further questions... And then, another Rule 243.

Q: "Would antidepressants show up on the tox screen you performed?"
Dr. Ladera: "Interesting question. Depends on the type, but generally no. We did a basic ten-point analysis. You'd have to do an expanded screen to find evidence of most antidepressants."
Lionel: "Permission to reexamine? Dr. Ladera, is it safe to say the presence of antidepressants might indicate that depression? And depression could cause some agitated behavior. Even aggressive... Like, what if somebody recently experienced a catastrophic event? Just for example, the breakup of an engagement?"

Will objects, it's beyond the scope, and Temple overrules... Though, he says, he might sustain it on the grounds of foundation regarding antidepressants, waiting for Will to demur on that one. When he does, Temple drags everybody back into chambers.


Temple: "You're not objecting on foundational grounds because there is a foundation."
Will: "We complied with discovery requests..."
Lionel: "We requested discovery on all the medical records. No one ever told us about the use of antidepressants..."
L/G: "No, you requested records from the past two years. He saw a psychiatrist briefly three years ago. Yes, he prescribed antidepressants, but we have no recent record of the victim refilling that prescription."

Temple and Lionel agree that this is a matter of form over substance, and doesn't lead toward justice. He commands L/G to turn over everything, and warns them about further withholding. Outside, Will asks Lionel about the $800K, and he just laughs in their faces.


Nick tries, pitiably, to shake Alicia when she fires him as a client. She provides him with a list of other firms, and he reminds her he's ready to incorporate, but she's not having it. She swears it's not him, it's them, and even sociopathic criminal sex-choker Nick can't seem to get a read, such is the pokerfaced power of Alicia Florrick. Finally he gives up, pours himself a glass of Perrier, attempts to drink it in a terrifying manner, pours another -- this one sloshing down his chin a bit, which is a little more terrifying, for what it's worth -- and then stomps out into the firm, pushing over flowerpots and kicking baseboards as he goes.

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The Good Wife




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