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Ladies & The Tiger

The last thing Nick sees as the elevator doors close is a coquettish Kalinda, watching him through the glass, grinning as though she'd never been scared in her life; as though the bird she's flipping him weren't merely implied. But once he's gone, the smile falls again.


Cary: "The Rule 243s were written on yellow legal pad, which these seven are using."
Kalinda: "The ring question suggests a woman."
Will: "Or someone who knew the Fiancée..."
Kalinda: "She doesn't recognize any of them."
Cary: "Nothing in their backgrounds suggests a connection."
Will: "And the antidepressants?"
Cary: "Somebody had a brother-in-law who is a paramedic..."
Kalinda: "But #5, on her voir dire form she wrote '3' under number of children, then crossed it out and wrote '2'."
Will: "That is some Hemingway shit right there. Steinbeckian. Ouch."
Kalinda: "No kidding. So yeah. I'm thinking dead kid, depression, antidepressants."
Will: "How sad for her. But I guess we can't excuse her just for losing a kid. I can at least play on her sympathies, though. This is good info. Harsh, good info."


Diane: "Alicia, a word? How did it go with Maddie?"
Alicia: "Good? She wouldn't talk to me about the lease, really."
Diane: "She's weird! She's a weirdo, she hates women. Well, but she was open to the proposal?"
Alicia: "I guess. I gave her my number..."
Diane: "I bet she's going to call you, too. On your phone. Goddammit. You're going to be drinking Cosmopolitans in hotel bars by the end of the week, I can fee... No, no Diane. Keep it together. This is for the firm. Alicia, I want you to call her first."
Alicia: "And say what?"
Lockhart: "Whatever. Like you ever talk, I don't know. Something to make her do whatever you want, like everybody else on this show."

Word on the street is, Nathan Lane let the entirety of Mergers & Acquisitions go just now. Everybody except Allison Saybach, the one Alicia thinks so highly of. The only one she personally knows.


Eli pulls Peter out of an interview -- about campaign finance laws, not to put too fine a point on it -- to come meet an interested contributor. A very interested one.

Eli: "Miss Hayward, meet Peter Florrick."

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