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Ladies & The Tiger

Lionel: "Wait, so you're no longer prescribing it?"
Dr. Zarovich: "Other drugs have proven more effective."
Lionel: "And what about Elvatyl's known side effects?"
Dr. Zarovich: "The science on that is unclear..."
Lionel: "Really? Because Mr. Gardner here won a lawsuit on just those..."
Lionel: "Am I wrong? Didn't you win that pharma case by attacking Elvatyl's suicidal side effects?"
(Objection. Also, though, really they won because Blake Calamar practically killed the opposition's creepster expert witness and tried to pin it on Kalinda, if I remember correctly.)
Lionel: "Mr. Beacham taking a drug that could alter his brain chemistry is perfectly relevant. In fact, there was a study on Elvatyl's side effects at, uh, let me see... Harvard Medical School..."

And thus overruled, obviously. Lionel produces the study for him to drool over, and while he's Golluming out about the real live Harvard Medical School Study, takes his chance and jumps out into the abyss: Basically, if that drug intensifies some depression to levels of suicidal ideation, then maybe Tyler Beacham committed suicide by cop. Even the judge is grossed out by that, once it registers; the jurors flood the bailiff with a million new Rule 243 questions.


Nick's sitting in the chair, facing the door with a gun, when Kalinda comes home. She sighs, walks right past him to the bathroom, and shuts the door. Once again petulant and boyish, he lurks outside the bathroom for a while before punching her vanity mirror, so that when she opens the door, eyes rolling, he's bleeding all over the place. It's quite a performance. She immediately pushes him onto the bed and starts tending his wounds.

Kalinda: "You're so stupid."
Nick: "Why do you hurt me?"
Kalinda: "Shut up."
Nick: "I love you. I always will."

He caresses the back of her neck just long enough to be threatening, and she tells him to lie back. Thankfully, it's not for a blowjob. It's so she can climb the length of his body like a cat, and look down at him, and figure him out. Take a moment to just feel the fragile body of the monster underneath her, and look into his eyes, and wonder. She's so good at lying, she knows how even the smartest people can be fooled, when they want to. Maybe the most, then. And she is very, very smart.

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The Good Wife




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