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Ladies & The Tiger

Hayden: "Ugh. I have to go. Sorry to fuckin' waste your time."
Alicia: "Mr. Hayden? I like them all. Those three people you mentioned? I like them. All."
Hayden: "Great, whatever."

Alicia: "How is it, precisely, that I keep fucking everything up?"
Jacob: "I don't even know what that was about, sister. Everybody's being weird today."


Maddie: "Alicia! I am not stalking you! I am here to meet a probate judge, Kate Conrol, I'm backing her for the state Appellate Court, and I thought while I was here I should stalk you. I mean, not stalk you, but like... Hi? So yeah. What's up?"
Alicia: "That's really cool that you're backing my husband. More, I cannot say."
Maddie: "Listen, I feel weird so I'm just going to -- blah! -- I'm just gonna shake out the sillies and say it. Do you want to have a drink with me?"
Alicia: "I am flattered? But I am also married, so."
Maddie: "HAHA! Oh my God, you thought I was hitting on you! Oh my God that's so awkward oh my God. No, I mean. No. That's not..."
Alicia: "I am having the most fucked-up day. I'm sorry if that was weird. Everything is weird."

Maddie: "Look. I don't have many friends, Alicia. There, I said it. Uh, sometimes it's hard, um, to know if someone wants to be your friend or if they want something from you..."
Alicia: "I heard that shit. I feel like I'm looking at it, actually. As we speak."
Maddie: "Anyway so like, um, I'm going to say it again. Would you like to have a drink sometime??"
Alicia: "I can't remember the last time I just went for a drink with somebody. Actually that is a lie, it was 7:58 p.m. on May 10, 2011. Anyway, I'd be delighted. How's that?"

Maddie: "Look at us! Talking like normal human beings!"
Alicia: "Kind of!"


This season, two episodes in, the cops are being real shits. Which is interesting, since it seems like one lobby that is firmly against Peter -- and there's the whole City/County thing to worry about this week, too. Hmm. Perhaps in time she will piss off every cop in the entire state of Illinois, and when Peter is elected they will riot, forcing the government to enact martial law and start the Hunger Games.

Anyway, Kalinda already figured it out, so the end of the case doesn't last long: The cop saw the smiley face, thought it was a Danger sticker, brought unnecessary force to bear on the kid -- thought he was aggressing, when really he was just a boy who didn't know his strength -- and eventually figured out his mistake, so he stole the button which is why it wasn't on the backpack in evidence. The cop lies and lies about it, but eventually comes clean. There's nothing Lionel can do, really. It's a clean win.

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