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Ladies & The Tiger

Lionel: "How's this for ironies, Will?"
Will: "Ironic indeed, Lionel."

Diane whispers shit-talk about Lionel into Will's ear, which eventually he has to tell her to quit even though he loves that too, and the trial begins. There was a demonstration, last May, against NATO. Tyler Beacham got pepper-sprayed by a blandly attractive cop, and later -- due to aggression, it's explained Beacham's part -- got stun-gunned, lost consciousness, and died choking.

Will: "Who's that in this video screaming and choking?"
Cop: "I believe that's Tyler Beacham, the assailant."
Will: "Uh, you mean the victim?"

Lionel objects, but Temple tells them both to quit. Will explains that Beacham is the son of his client, who's suing the City for wrongful death, as the video continues to play.

Will: "That's you, shooting Mr. Beacham with a stun gun?"
Cop: "He charged at me! The video doesn't show it..."
Will: "So but how many times did you send 40,000 volts through his body?"
Lionel, objecting: "The stun gun is set at 40,000, but when the probes make contact with the skin the voltage drops to 1400."
Temple, any excuse: "If I remember my Harvard Physics class about stun guns correctly, Mr. Deerfield, I believe you're right. Sustained."
Will: "Yeah, because that's so much better."

The fiancée climbs all over his spasming body, trying to figure out if he's even breathing. It's pretty awful, made moreso by the DIY video quality.

Will: "How many times with the 1400 volts?"
Cop: "Three."
Will: "And after the third time you shot him with 1400 volts?"
Cop: "Not a lot. He was pretty much dead at that point. On the upside, he'd stopped creating a disturbance pretty much."


Alicia brings in the first settlement offer: $800K. Even Nathan Lane cracks a smile.

Will: "Nah, he can do better. I haven't even questioned the fiancée yet."
Diane: "Don't get cocky or feel like you have to prove anything, Will. The City hates paying out on wrongful death suits. You won! Just say yes."
Will: "I can double it. The fiancée will make 'em cry their eyes out."
Hayden: "No, you will not be risking this check."
Diane: "Uh, actually it's not up to you. I'm not sure if you get me yet, but telling us what to do is like the number one guaranteed way to make me back Will's play."

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The Good Wife




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