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Lionel objects, because the whole point of building a case is that you build the case, which I very much can see his point, like, what is the point of the whole adversarial system, discovery, voir dire, the whole thing if the jurors can just throw random wrenches in there. But Temple's answer is persuasive: As his Civil Procedure prof at Guess Where University always said, "You can never have too many knights in the quest for justice."

Valid. Kind of like how everybody started asking this year why there's even an electoral college anymore. Will doesn't mind, though: At least they'll know more about the jury mindset, which will help since Kalinda's still off getting fingerbanged in various dessert shoppes and has no time to read their minds like usual.

Q: "Why weren't you wearing your engagement ring the day of the protest?"
Will: "Uh, hang on. That goes to facts not in evidence..."
Temple: "They seem to have anticipated your objection, and noted here that they're talking about this based on the two photos you've shown. She's wearing it in one of them, but not in the one while he was actively dying, and now she's wearing it in court. "
Will, stupidly: "Redirect? Fiancée, isn't it true that you simply left your ring at home that day so as not to risk it getting stolen?"
Lionel & Temple: "Are you fucking kidding me?"
Will: "I'll rephrase. Fiancée, do you remember why you didn't wear your ring that day?"
Fiancée: "I guess because I was afraid it might get stolen or lost?"

Classy, Gardner. Real classy. And then he harrumphs hilariously at Alicia on the way out -- "Suddenly we got fuckin' Columbo on the jury?" -- before calling to yell at Kalinda some more.


Turns out the girl broke off their engagement at the protest, and didn't mention that because she wanted to help their case. So now they've pissed off the jury and lost the sympathy from the engagement. Well done, Fiancée.

Hayden: "All I care about is that settlement offer. Did you fuck us out of that?"
Will: "Hope not."
Hayden: "Well, fix this. And I need to see you, Alicia."
Diane: "I get you first. I've been drinking for the last hour hoping to get this out of my mouth without screaming or slapping you, so I take precedence."

Diane: "Alicia, are you familiar with the lease relief portion of our bankruptcy plan?"

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