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Ladies & The Tiger

Hayden: "There are a lot of people in that department. We're in the lifeboat here."
Alicia: "I like Allison Saybach, and I don't know anyone else in that department, so you don't even need to ask me about them."

Alicia, to herself: "Good one, good twist there at the end. No way can he fuck you on that. You said that real good, Florrick. Real good lawyer-type thinking. And under such pressure, too! You are doing great today."

Some folks think we can have it all: That right here, this time in this century, is a tiger you can catch by the tail, that by your vigilance and your self-reliance you can tame it.

Kalinda: "...Why was that gnome in here?"
Alicia: "I don't know, everybody wants a piece of me. How's it going?"
Kalinda: "So, um. You know that tiny scary man? The towtruck guy?"
Alicia: "Actually, he's incorporating today and I was going to ask you to sit in..."
Kalinda: "PS, though, he is my husband."
Alicia: "Hold on. What?"

Others think the beast isn't tame yet. Not quite yet. That thinking you can do it, or worse, thinking you have done it, is a road into the dark. That we're in a time where wisdom is the better part of valor, that sisterhood is your better currency; better this, they say, then end up turned to stone. End up a beast yourself.

Alicia: "Did you... send him to us?"
Kalinda: "Hell no! He followed me to this country and wants to throw down roots in Chicago so he can stalk me full-time. I do not want that to happen."
Alicia: "Was he that scary man who called me?"
Kalinda: "No, that was Bill. I dealt with Bill."

If you catch yourself wishing you were the equal of a man, you're not wishing hard enough. But if you catch yourself thinking you're better than that, if you think you've got the tiger by the tail, chances are you'll end up dead.

Alicia: "Is Nick dangerous?"
Kalinda: "I don't know, at this point..."
Alicia: "You said he was. Before."
Kalinda: "Before, he was. Now? I..."

He hasn't done anything yet that she didn't submit to; he hasn't asked for anything yet that she can't give. I think this is the biggest piece of the puzzle so far: She hurt him, so he hurt her. But if he loves her, if he really and truly loves her, then maybe he's not the monster, the beast, that went into prison. Maybe he's her Nick, the only one that could ever keep up with her, through all her shapes and perversities. The only one who got her jokes. Maybe that's all it was, and she burnt down so many lives running for nothing: The beast's slavering jaws just a smiley face, nothing to fear at all. She could miss all that, for fear. For shadows on the wall.

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