The Good Wife
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Ladies & The Tiger

Alicia: "Well, whatever. I should drop the case?"
Kalinda: "Yeah, for real."
Alicia: "All right, thanks."

You tell me people don't change, and I tell you: Sometimes, prison changes a man. Sometimes even for the better. A little time alone could do us all some good.

Alicia: "Yup. Exhausted, and it's not even noon."

That woman who stuck by her husband, that Good Wife. What would she say?


Expert witness, medical examiner Dr. Joseph Ladera (Harvard '89, natch; Temple's overjoyed).

Alicia: "Officer Mallen testified to pepper-spraying the victim first, before the stun gun."
Ladera: "That's a problem, because oleoresin capsicum can inhibit a subject's breathing by causing the throat to constrict."

Cary and Kalinda watch as #3, #6 and #11 write something down, but it could just be notes.

Alicia: "So you're already gasping for breath, when the shock hits..."
Ladera: "Like having the wind knocked out of you. Literally."
Alicia: "How about three of them?"
Ladera: "Exponentially worse."
Alicia: "So you'd say the use of a stun-gun three times, after the subject has already been pepper-sprayed... Wouldn't that constitute 'excessive force'? ...Sorry, I'll withdraw."


The real estate agent leads Maddie's driver -- a man, who probably could care less -- around her new property, expounding on the virtues of the property. This leaves Maddie free to get time alone. Meet with new friends, or neighbors. Go about the business of being a person, while the man takes the hit.

Alicia: "...Ms. Hayward?"
Maddie: "Maddie. Or Miss Hayward. I don't mind being objectified."

Listen to her, girl. Watch carefully. This is half the game: Let the tiger do the work, tire itself out. Make him your pet, unleash him on your enemies. All it costs is something he doesn't understand anyway, and wouldn't care for if he did. Peter never asked once how your dignity was doing, did he? Whatever he had to say, so you'd stand by him, your body next to his body, when the bright light flashed. Nick never once asked Leela why she loves Chicago, because he doesn't care. He only knows what he loves.

This is power. It's black magic, but it's power. If Alicia were ever going to war against Diane Lockhart, this woman could show her how. Perhaps it's already begun.

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The Good Wife




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