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Will v. Grace

Eli: "Later, I have to talk to famous gays and show them Alicia."
Spencer: "Alicia Florrick! You're a gay icon! All gay people are the same!"
Alicia: "Thanks. Listen, give me a sec. Caitlin, tell him your infos."
Caitlin: "I was researching this meeting because I am awesome, and because I couldn't figure out why GLAC would need a crisis management person instead of just their usual national committee campaign people. So -- as a member of the youth today, who understands Facebook and tweeting and blogs -- I was reading gay blogs..."
Eli: "Stop using child words!"
Alicia: "Focus, Eli."

Caitlin: "-- Spencer Roth wrote a letter -- as acting head of GLAC -- supporting the AT&T/T-Mobile merger, and AT&T gave GLAC a $50,000 grant."
Eli: Jaw dropped. Finally gets Caitlin.
Alicia: "So it's about limiting damage on their connection to this telecom merger."
Eli: "Wait, why say it's about DOMA?"
Caitlin: "Because that's all the ever talk about, so nobody would think about whether they were actually looking for crisis management."
Eli: "I am first going to steal you from David Lee and you will be my niece from now on."

Eli: "Okay, what's our new pitch? Let's say that attacking GLAC is legal gay-bashing..."
Alicia: "-- Girl, hold up."
Eli: "Too cynical? Good point."
Alicia: "-- No, you animal! Thank Caitlin."

Nice. So good.


Elsbeth calls Alicia to the courthouse to warn her about being subpoenaed.

Alicia: "But I have no connection to the McDermott case or the Sport of Hoops."
Elsbeth: "Riiiiiight...."
Alicia: "But so then what connection could I -- the wife of Peter Florrick and Will Gardner's sometime paramour -- possibly have to Peter Florrick's investigation of Will Gardner?"
Elsbeth: "Keep thinking. Think about how a Grand Jury prosecutor can ask anything, and how she's desperately trying to paint him as ethically or legally questionable, and how maybe you might, um, know anything about that."
Alicia: "What? Fuck that noise. I don't even want to wait for a subpoena. All day long I been waitin' for a motherfucker to push me. Let's do this shit."


Alicia, verbatim: "Alicia Florrick, F-L-O-R-R-I-C-K. The same spelling as my husband Peter, the State's Attorney."
Cary: "I love it every single fucking time they do that."
Wendy Scott-Carr: "Alicia, have we met before?"
Alicia: "Yeah, during the three-way SA race in Season Two. That you lost. To my husband."
Cary: "Oh snap!"

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