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Will v. Grace

Wendy Scott-Carr: "How long have you been at L/G? And who hired you?"
Alicia: "2.5 years, and Will Gardner."
Wendy Scott-Carr: "You knew him from Georgetown long ago. How long had it been since you practiced law?"
Alicia: "Thirteen years. I took time off to raise my children?"
Wendy Scott-Carr: "Very generous of Will Gardner to employ someone after a thirteen-year layoff."
Alicia: "True enough, bitch."

Wendy Scott-Carr: "Listen, did you ever see Will do anything illegal?"
Alicia: "Not that I recall."
Wendy Scott-Carr: "So you guys are fucking, right?"

Alicia, after about ten minutes: "...I don't see how that's relevant?"

Cary, quietly: "Wendy, cut this shit out. Inappropriate."
Wendy Scott-Carr: "It goes to Alicia's motives to protect him."
Cary: "I told you about the nature of their relationship in confidence."
Wendy Scott-Carr: "If you're not cool or edgy enough for this, go suck your thumb. Step out."

Cary seats himself, and Wendy asks if Alicia ever fucked Will while she was at L/G. Alicia and Cary share a complex, painful look. He apologizes; she gets it I think.

Wendy Scott-Carr: "Are you still fucking? And if not, what are the beginning and end dates?"
Alicia: "We started right after Season Two, and ended it a couple months ago."
Wendy Scott-Carr: "Okay so during that time, did they move your office to the same floor as the senior partners?"
Alicia: "Uh, yeah?"
Cary: "Sorry this is so gross."
Wendy Scott-Carr: "And during that time were you informed that you were on track to make partner?"

The energy between Cary and Alicia shifts dramatically, because that constellates his actions in a whole new way: Not gossip, not giving Wendy another blind alley, but his own jealousy, their rivalry and his revenge. That's not what it is, but that's how it sounds, and that means it's how it is. Cary hates himself; there's no coming back.

Alicia... Comes down off the stand. The music is like, This shit is going to blow your mind and, as ever on this show, the music surely does not lie.

Wendy, verbatim: "Mrs. Florrick, would you please take your seat?"
Alicia, verbatim: "No."
Wendy, verbatim: "I need to ask you to sit..."
Alicia, verbatim, at the door: "No thank you."
Wendy, verbatim: "The witness has not been excused!"

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