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Will v. Grace


Elsbeth: "I dyed my hair even crazier red this week. Like True Blood amounts. I look awesome, and I'm additionally dressed like autistic hacker Lisbeth Salander, the Woman Who Hates Men Who Hate Women."
Will: "Alicia, I'm really sorry I didn't tell you about this storyline. But rest assured it's not your fault."
Alicia: "No, everything is my fault. All the time. Have we met? Anyway, I'd like to offer my services, did you know I'm an attorney?"
Elsbeth: "Alicia! I saw you in my scrying pool. Isn't it funny how we're always at Grand Jury proceedings for people that are in love with you?"
Alicia: "I'd like to help."
Elsbeth: "In what fashion?"


Andrew Wiley: "I am here wearing a Moe wig to tell you that this show grants L/G wins like they were going out of style. I'm talkin' early-season Ally McBeal amounts of verdicts."
Cary: "I'm looking particularly delectable today, the Grand Jury will note. Now Wiley, I want you to tell me some numbers."
Wiley: "95% of the time, those three judges we always talk about handed it to Will's firm. And all three of them were at the basketball games."

Elsbeth: "Ms. Lockhart! Nice to see you. Mrs. Florrick, come out of that dark corner where you're inexplicably lurking so I can remind everybody that Grand Juries always indict. They would indict a hamburger!"
Will: "Ham sandwich. In our country of Muggles we say it like that."
Elsbeth: "-- Great, so you're getting indicted. Also, Diane, I love your broach. Also, we can get Peter to pull the plug on this, so we need to focus on your boyfriend Cary Agos. This is my strategy, is that you don't worry about WSC because she doesn't defer to Peter, and Cary does... Wait, is that right?"
Will & Diane: (Stare at a magic freak.)
Elsbeth: "-- Yeah, she's her own person. Anyway..."

Diane, silently: "This bitch is crazy. Why is she your lawyer? Why are you wasting my time? What will I do if you go to jail because you hired a fairy space lawyer?"
Will, silently: "No, she's magic. Just watch her do awesome shit, okay?"

Alicia: "So then Cary will go to Peter..."
Elsbeth: "-- Right! Just keep everybody talking about Peter and that'll happen. If it looks like these proceedings will hurt him, he'll flip."
Diane: "I am calmed. For the nonce."

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