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Will v. Grace

Wendy Scott-Carr: "You're being pretty defensive..."
Diane: "-- Uh, no. I was being clear."
Wendy Scott-Carr: "What are the basketball games like?"
Diane: "I don't go. Never been."
Wendy Scott-Carr: "Aha! Why not?"
Diane: "Because I don't play basketball, you supercilious demon."
Grand Jury: "Gay icon Christine Baranski! You are awesome."
Wendy Scott-Carr: "But he has invited you, yes?"
Diane: "Yeah. He said it was a good idea so that I could meet prosecutors and judges that would matter in the long run. For example, State's Attorney and future governor Peter Florrick. Who was in those games."
Cary & Dana: "Oh shit."

Wendy Scott-Carr: "Can we just say that you didn't go to the regular Wednesday game because it was a seething hotbed of corruption and malfeasance?"
Diane: "No, you jackass, it was because I don't play basketball? Like I just said?"
Grand Jurors: "We kind of hate Wendy Scott-Carr, like any rational human would."
Diane: "I think judges and lawyers playing sports is a good way to unwind. I think that State's Attorney and future governor Peter Florrick would agree, right? Or else State's Attorney and future governor Peter Florrick wouldn't have been attending the games?"
Cary & Dana: "Since we don't know that Wendy is coming after Peter, this game of Elsbeth's is making us tremendously nervous."

Wendy Scott-Carr: "Okay. The McDermott case. A kid died from peanut taint? One of your clients originally, as I recall, and then Will took it over from you? But only after the case was moved to Judge Parks -- who is apparently the judge for all cases involving minors and hospital rooms in Chicago -- because he has a better relationship with that judge?"
Diane: "Oh, fuck. Yeah."


Diane: "Will, we need to fucking talk. What's the deal on the McDermott case? Why was she up my ass about that case exclusively? Why did we win it?"
Will: "We're good lawyers?"
Diane: "Will -- in that last scene, after we cut to this conversation -- they asked me questions about my conversations with the associates. Why would they even know about that?"
Will: "Because... Kalinda fucked me. Oh boy."

Scariest credits ever!


Dana: "Soooo. I don't want Alicia to get prosecuted for that waiver. I need even more from you than you've already unwisely done. The McDermott file apparently doesn't connect the dots well enough."
Kalinda: "Son of a bitch."
Dana: "It's not me, baby. It's WSC. Give me more and we'll tear up the evidence itself."
Kalinda: "Oh man."

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The Good Wife




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