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Will v. Grace

Cary: "Did you ever make illegal bets with Will's bookie Jonathan Meade?"
Parks, verbatim: "...Upon the advice of counsel my answer to this question, and all your questions, will be to assert my right under the Fifth Amendment against self-incrimination."
Cary: "I understand..."
Parks: "-- You don't understand a thing. You're implying something nefarious when you know damned well any judge coming in here would take the Fifth."
Wendy Scott-Carr: "Your Honor, you either take the Fifth and stick to it, or leave yourself open to questions."
Cary: "Did you meet with Will Gardner yesterday?"
Parks: "...Upon the advice of counsel I continue to assert my right under the Fifth Amendment."

Cary produces a picture of Will in his office, but not I think the one with the envelope? Doesn't matter anyway, because you just guess what Parks does.


Parks: "Are you setting me up? They have a photo from yesterday! You totally led them there! If you are setting me up, that is fucked. Parks out!"
Will & Kalinda: (Trade complicit, scared looks; obviously this is all one of their Willinda Games we'll learn about later. Thank God.)
Elsbeth: "Um, this is clearly some kind of Willinda Game I don't know about."
Will & Kalinda: "Can't talk about it, but it's not illegal what we're doing."
Elsbeth: "Great! That's very comforting. You two behave!"

Alicia: "Will, I'm phoning you on the phone to ask if you're okay."
Will: "I'm fine, thanks."
Alicia: "Are you pleading the Fifth?"
Will: "Elsbeth says to."
Alicia: "Good. And I'm sorry."
Will: "Thanks, but don't. Be sorry it's happening, not for any other reason. Like how you broke up with me and broke my heart and it didn't help and now your Frankenstein husband is ruining my entire life."
Alicia: "Good talk."


Eli: "David Lee! What an unpleasant surprise."
David Lee: (Swipes some shit off Eli's desk first thing. Heh.)
Eli: "I'm just going to get Caitlin in here to clean that up."
David Lee: "That's not happening."
Eli: "Nepotism is a double-edged sword, isn't it? Uncle gets you the job, and you end up cleaning up the poop your uncle is throwing around."
David Lee: "Did you just say the word 'poop' to me?"
Eli: "I seem to have caught a virus of some kind from Amy Sedaris."
David Lee: "How's Peter Florrick's campaign going? Because Alicia is going to divorce his ass, by the way."

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The Good Wife




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