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Battle Of The Proxies

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Will: "Matan's helping the defense? What a topsy-turvy world!"
Laura: "Trouble? Heh."
Will: "Wonder what the taxpayers would say about you helping a murderer in another county get off."
Laura: "Probably the same thing your creditors would say about you sending the State's Attorney's Good Wife?"
Will: "Whoa, you kind of just said two pretty mean things at once. Want to date?"
Laura: "Uh, yeah. We're both gorgeous. How about loser buys the winner drinks."


Eli, surprise, looks like he's having a heart attack. Diane looks like Miranda Priestly, staring down old David LaGuardia through these giant awesome bug-lady sunglasses she never once takes off.

LaGuardia: "I'm chatty and adorable! Accordions!"
Diane: "Mr. LaGuardia, I have asked my client not to speak to you. So quit."
LaGuardia: "No prob!"
Diane: "Why is the Public Integrity Division looking into my client?"
LaGuardia: "Who says we're doing that?"
Diane: "Then stop bothering and/or surveilling my client."
LaGuardia: "It was like one time!"

Eli scoots the Lana Photo across the table, and LaGuardia goggles at it in a convincing way. I wonder what is going on?

LaGuardia: "Um. This is a photo I have no previous knowledge of. If what you showed me is indeed DOJ work product, whoever gave you that photo broke the law."

True, but it's gone through so many cagey hands -- Kalinda never tells anybody anything, and Nick is so sketchy, and Lana, who the hell knows what's ever going on with Lana -- that nobody at this table may ever know the actual details. Which explains why the scene where K handed it over to Eli was so black-ops and mysterious. I remember finding that odd.

Diane: "Cool, thanks. So what's actually going on?"

Well, what we find out is maybe not the whole thing, but basically it's another left turn out of nowhere: Some of Eli's biggest crisis clients have started donating to Vanessa Gold/Parker Posey's campaign -- which I barely remember what she's even running for, because it was a million years ago and also I vaguely remember being confused about it even at the time -- which the DOJ thinks might be a quid pro quo where Eli was giving them illegal discounts for campaign contributions. My heart leapt for a moment when I realized this might bring Amy Sedaris back, as I only recently remembered how she ended up as Vanessa's campaign manager. Anyway, maybe it is about this, maybe it is still really about Peter, but who knows. There's a cliffhanger afoot! It's not the time to be telling us what is really going on.

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The Good Wife




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