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LaGuardia: "More stuff about accordions! So cute!"
Diane: "You wanna shut the fuck up about accordions so we can get out of here? Thanks. So I checked, and there's nothing hinky about the Wooster-Graff Industries donations to Vanessa Gold."
LaGuardia: "Whew! That's cool. But hey, I am not going anywhere!"
Diane: "Oh my God, Wendy Scott-Carr. Spit it out."
LaGuardia: "A proffer. Indiscretions by the candidate. Give us info, and we'll drop the whole thing."
Eli: "I hate my ex-wife, but I also love her, I'm not gonna..."
LaGuardia: "Have you not seen this show? Clearly I am talking about Peter Florrick. Clearly I am using the threat of a fake investigation into your family and your business in order to intimidate you into handing over Peter for free. Making me, literally, the new Wendy Scott-Carr."
Eli, leaving: "Go to hell."

LaGuardia: "What a hothead! Okay, just tell him to call me when he..."
(Say it say it say it)
Diane, leaving: "Go to hell."


Kalinda: "Thing is, I don't think Burnout Brock was making things up. Look at American Psycho's logo, it's a W with water lines on it because it's a water-filtration company. But if I use high-tech technology and flip this gif upside-down..."
Will: "A mountain peak. Dammit."
Alicia: "Wait, so our client is full-on guilty? But that means..."
Will: "Do we really have to do this every week? HE IS OUR CLIENT."
Alicia: "No, this is the one week where Jacob can't bitch about my inability to comprehend that, because there's another guy who could go to jail for this thing we know for a fact, now, that he didn't do. And whom we've been helping to prosecute."
Will: "Ethics is gay. I'm gonna go shoot some hoops."


Matan is now testifying. This shit is unreal.

Matan: "We never considered Killer Hobo a suspect. There was too much evidence pointing to American Psycho. Because he did it."
Alicia, whispering: "Question his credibility, ask him about this one case where there was ASA hubris and Ryan Tillman ended up with a dime but was later exonerated."
Matan: "Argh! I have been shamed!"

So wait, not only was that the wrong move, but also kind of bitchy? Because this is also the part where they drop the hammer and Grace looks up "sex," which I think furthers the point. Which is starting to look a little iffy to me, because this episode seems to be about saying, "Maybe Alicia Florrick should stop not giving a fuck and give a little more of a fuck about some stuff." Like, she overcorrected into being too much of a bad-ass and now the universe needs her to go backwards and be a good girl again. We'll see next year, I guess, whether Alicia's fucks actually require replenishment.

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